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Porsche car crash: High speed of 250km/h and winter tires?

Three days after the deadly car crash that took the lives of four people, and Greece’s traffic police continues the investigation. First findings from the highway security cameras reportedly show that the Porsche had developed a high speed of up to 250 km/h at many different points of its journey on the Athens-Lamia highway, long before the fatal crash.

At the same time, several media report that the Porsche tires were winter tires adding that they were not :suitable for such a high speed. “Winter tires have a lower speed rating than normal tires,” a news website wrote on Wednesday.

Citing a traffic police officer, another news website stresses that winter tires have a maximum speed limit of 120km/h to 150km/h and that they start to ‘burn’ if a car goes on a higher speed for long time.

There is speculation that one of the tires, most possible one in the back of the car went burst before it entered the parking lane.

An eyewitness said that tire parts were found before the entrance of the parking lane and even a part of the bumper.

Experts estimate after one tire was lost, “the Porsche touched the road, every control over the vehicle was lost,  it entered the parking lane on the side and crashed.” 

Image result for porsche λαστιχα 2006

According to pictures leaked to the press, the tires were eleven years old.

According to some media, “the Porsche entered the parking lane at a speed of 257km/h meaning that before that the speed was some 30 km/h more.”

Sources told media that there was not aquaplaning on the highway, and they exclude this as possible cause for the driver to lose control of the car.

According to Proto Thema, although the security cameras had “captured” the Porsche to move at high speed of 250km/h none of those monitoring the traffic on the highway informed the traffic police.

Iefimerida writes that the footage from six security cameras showed that “the Porsche touched at several points 250km/h along with some lane change maneuvers.” The news website notes that the car entered the parking lane at a speed of 280km/hour.”

Police investigation is expected to last weeks if not months.

The Porsche driver, 24, was killed on the sport and so were a 33-year-old mother and her 3-year-old inside a parked Honda Civic. The second Porsche passenger was ejected from the seat and fell a couple of meter away. He was also killed on the spot.

Earlier on Wednesday, the mother and her child were buried together in the same coffin.

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Please, drive carefully. If you do not care about your own life, think of the lives of others you put at risk. It can be your mother, your sister, your child…

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  1. Blame should first go to planners and engineers that designed the road.
    Putting a rest area parallel to the highway fashioned like a pit stop is just another example how the infrastructure in Greece has a long way to go. Most new infrastructure projects that I’ve seen in Greece are already falling apart and were not built with any proper planning or studies behind them… with most things in Greece. All done half ass and the locals believe they are now in the first world.

    • True in developed countries the bathrooms are further in after a bend not straight into them!

    • On the contrary, If blame lies anywhere it is with a speeding youth who paid a tragically high price for his stupidity.

      • Such a thing could happen to a driver falling asleep or distracted in some way. I’ve seen it before. The driver was going too fast, for Greek roads.

        • The driver was going too fast for the law, too fast for the roads, too fast for the car and too fast for his brain. In my opinion, the morons in his family who allowed him to drive this car should pay massive compensation to the families of the people murdered by their crass stupidity and excess money.

          • No the driver was over 18 so his father has no responsibility for him or for the accident. The family of the wife and kid who died can sue the driver for damages, but they would only get something if the kid who was driving has assets in his name, not Vakakis senior.

            However, I am sure the kid has assets in his name that can be used to settle any claims if he is uninsured driving the car (lets say he consumed alcohol invalidating his inurance etc.)

          • keeptalkinggreece

            I think in some countries car owner has shared responsibility or something like that. Have no idea how it is in GR

          • I think in Greek law if the driver is a member of Pasok or ND then there is no liability for killing people with bad driving. If anything, the persons killed or injured should pay for any damage they caused to the car.

          • Typical right wing crap. The car was the property of his family who have a moral if not legal responsibility for his conduct. If he had bought the car out of his own money, then I suppose there would be no connection with his useless rich family.
            It is remarkable how the far right always seek to avoid responsibility for their behaviour. Trump and his mafia are a clear case, along with the crooks in the Front National and also the British UKIP fascists. All are busy stealing money, defrauding the state, and claiming to be intersted in common or poor people. And the morons who support them actually fall for these lies and tricks.

          • How did a car accident turn into one of your famous rants about politics.
            Let’s do the Xenox guest post word check
            Fascist … check
            Right wing… check
            Nazi… oh no your slipping

            Pull your socks up

          • How did a moron manage to write in passable English? Congratulations on your school lessons. Now, the next thing is for you to learn how to think. That could take some time — a decade or two?

          • If you don’t agree to Xenos dribblings then you are automatically right wing, a nazi or a fascist in her…oh sorry his book.
            He can only throw insults at you, especially if you corner him with logic and facts. More so if you corner him with his own arguments. A crazy left wing extremist.

      • costa sakellariou

        who cares about the ‘youth’? i wish he had survived so that he could be hung!

        the poor mother and child…and the surviving father!

    • I think the highways are pretty good in Greece, especially when compared to other Balkan countries. What is lacking though on some parts are enough gas stations to gas up or have something to eat.

    • costa sakellariou

      that is a silly statement…

      everything is fine if one drives at a logical speed.

      this moron was doing 250kph?

  2. Winter tires have a high speed rating as well.
    However, you should not drive with tires older than 6 years old as the chance of the tires exploding increases exponentially after then due to the wear of the rubber, even if you do not use them much.

    I see many cars in GR with very old tires. So change your tires please!

    • Syrizee1 you have the right idea.
      The 911 GT2 is a rear-engined car, which would have been out of production by now, had not tyre technology progressed substantially in the last 20 years. In other words, it relies on good quality tyres much more than cars of similar power and different architecture. Any experienced driver therefore, who wants to use the full potential of such a machine (as its driver tried to do in this case), would first make sure that its tyres are appropriate to conditions and road. The unfortunate boy apparently did not know that, and as it appears, neither did his father who kept the car without proper maintenance, namely with 10 year old tyres. Such tyres, even if not used at all before, would have become useless in 10 years simply due to material degradation, resulting in grip reduced to near zero. The fact that they were winter tyres on a dry road of around 10 degrees C (my estimate for that Sunday at 16:00) aggravates the situation even more.
      This is the cause of the accident: ignorance on behalf of the driver and criminal negligence on behalf of the father in having the car not maintained properly.