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Syrian refugee, 23, tried to leave Lesvos inside a suitcase

Port guards on the island of Lesvos could not believe their eyes when they opened a suitcase and found an adult male inside. With the help of his mother, the Syrian refugee was trying to leave the Greek island and reach the port of Piraeus on the mainland. The suitcase was carried by his mother and his brother on a ferry.

His mother, a 41-year-old with asylum seeker papers, was allowed to leave the island but not her sons.

The youngest son hid in the suitcase, the oldest son helped the mother to carry the suitcase to the ferry.

According to AthensNewsAgency, port guards got suspicious of the size and the apparent heavy weight of the suitcase and asked the mother to open it.

Their surprise was unbelievable.

All three have been arrested. According to Star TV, the three were taken back to the hot spot of Moria, awaiting to appear in front of the prosecutor. What they did is a crime, the network reported.


Refugees and migrants who arrived on the Greek islands of the East Aegean Sea after the EU Turkey Deal went into effect a year ago are not allowed to move to the mainland.

According to local media, refugees and migrants try to leave the island on a daily basis. Most frequently they hid in cars and trucks leaving the island on a ferry. Last Saturday, a migrant tried to get on board of a ferry climbing on the rope holding the vessel docked.

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  1. Legitimate asylum seekers and law abiding citizens without a doubt. A asset to Greece and its people. Where are all the doctors and engineers we heard so much about.

    • You conveniently choose to ignore the fact, reported here, that EU policy splits up families for no reason at all. Where is the Greek idea of the importance of the family in all this? You think it’s fine to separate family members at a time of stress and crisis, seeking sanctuary in a foreign land? Disgusting mentality.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        guys, last time I allow you carry your ideological disagreements here.

        • KTG: get your facts right. This, like the last time, has NOTHING AT ALL to do with ideology. This is about facts and the law.
          I do not appreciate being told that my opposition to fascist opinions is an ideology. I suggest you think about it.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            you have to accept that millions of people around the globe do have their own opinions even if these are based on wrong facts, prejudice and whatever other reason.

          • KTG thank you every time somebody makes a comment Xenos doesn’t like he is hostile aggressive and argumentative. It then becomes a childish game of name calling and pure pettiness with racist and nazi the words of choice. This isn’t the only site he does this to. Everybody is entitled to a opinion without xenos jumping up and down and degrading the site and making it cringeworthy.

          • I am aware that millions of people have racist and obnoxious opinions, most of which advocate criminal behaviour. Do you allow people to post comments here telling us how to steal money from bank accounts, or how easy it is to mug old women on the street to steal their handbags?
            So, allowing the Golden Toilet pigs to post their vile comments here is not really so different. The only difference is that they are not planning to steal money — only to destroy people’s lives. They have that in common with Hitler’s Germany.

          • We think you’re racist and obnoxious. I remember last time you stated you wished GD supporters were beaten savagely. So in fact your advocating criminal behaviour. The irony. When we disagree with something you say it’s ok to break the law and for us to Have violence inflicted on us. When we have a opinion it’s criminal behaviour. If it wasn’t so funny itll be sad

          • Ah, the current fashion of Nazis — to accuse decent people of racsim so that your actual racism is “normalized”. I know all the fascist tricks, so am not impressed. You need to come up with something more intelligent than that.

      • When a family is possibly multiple wives and upwards of 4 children well you can’t have it all. Most of the pictures I see are healthy 16-40 year old single males. Dare I say Claim asylum then bring the rest of family over

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          As none of these wants to stay in Greece it’s just another only German problem, not (y)our beef.

          But since it’s already 18 months since most refugees arrived I guess this summer we’ll see in the streets headlines of German yellow pages about this, not?

          Why not?

          • Irrelevant where they want to stay, they stuck here now. So it’s a Greek problem. Germany doesn’t care. Fences and walls now are up at almost every country from Greece to Germany. How many have they relocated from Greece and Italy that have been found to be genuine refugees? Hardly any. How many EU countries refuse to take a single one voluntarily?

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Sorry, but “stuck here now” and talking about “pictures” makes no sense at all.
            As far as I remember most refugees from Greece that are taken in by other countries are taken in by Germoney, Holland and may be France and that the other countries don’t do so is already part of their election campaign, also that these countries should face less money from EU-structural funds beginning with 2020.

            But I’ve got no idea what happened to the houses Portugal build for them; I remember them saying that it would be possible to take in up to 10.000 from Greece. Who’s fault is this? Greece and Portugal could deal about this outside of the EU.
            The main problem is that Greece authorities refuse to send people back to Turkey – just like Europeans did refuse to send back to Greece – so this is may be just another scheme of blackmail and deadlock, as this wasn’t counted in the deal with Turkey.
            Multiple-wives are also not allowed in most European countries, so don’t worry, but to check cases like this takes time, also that these men will bring their families isn’t proven. In central Europe the investigations of authorities about this show that most don’t want it, they want jobs to send money home and the possibility to send family members was also made impossible by new laws, at least for the civil-war refugees from Syria.

          • Greece is not sending many back to Turkey because the Greek judges are upholding the laws of Greece and also European and international law. They are doing a good job. It is not legal to send refugees to a countyr like Turkey, which treats them like shit. The thing is that Greece does not have the capacity to help them, and most of the EU (other than Germany) is not prepared to follow the law and accept refugees from war zones or fleeing oppression. The real problem is with the EU — not with Greece. It is the same sort of problem as with the eurozone, where nobody is prepared to cooperate or even obey the law. We live in very dangerous times.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      It’s your problem if you listen to German media not ours

  2. When you have lost so much is it too much to ask that you not be separated from what remains of your family. Desperate people do desperate things. I hope they are not treated harshly for this.

    • Absolutely correct, and it is also a principle laid down in the UN convention. Apparently, human decency is not something that Golden Toilet supporters believe in…surprise, surprise.

      • Better Golden dawn than PASOK or ND who raped and pillaged Greece for over 40 years. KKE the so called communists but are worth millions and live in villas with pools and sold a TV channel for Millions to a offshore company and won’t allow their bank accounts to be examined. ND and PASOK lined their pockets and Swiss bank accounts from the blood sweat tears of the Greek people and look at the country now. I know for a fact PASOK would pay airline tickets for people from Australia to come and vote in elections. Let’s not start with Siemens and all the defence contractors who paid off ministers. KKE owes 180 million euros and ND 220 million. Explain to me why a political party owes money and can loan money from Greece public purse?

        • I criticised publicly both Pasok and ND when they were in power — and got no support from Greeks. I have been declared persona non grata by these two parties, who blocked me from speaking in public because they could not manipulate me as they did nearly all Greeks. So, don’t you dare to tell me about these two parties: I did more to make them accountable to Greece than anyone in your fascist party.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          Instead of buying tickets they opened up offices in the US and Australia, but have never asked any tribe for permission to stay or learned any of the hundreds American or Australian languages and some even have the cheek to pray for their imported Asian hippie-god-invader who never showed up there because he believed in Flat Earth, instead of integrating and praying to Manitou or the Rainbow Snake.
          An occupation by religious bumfucks fears other religious bumfucks and builds up a wall against real Americans, American Indians and Mexican Indios.
          And then they bring the enemy – German neo-fascists of ANS (now “3rd Way”) camouflaged as journalists into Vouli, I guess this is very, very much more patriotic than the wish to execute these German bastards.