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Four in Ten Young Greeks would accept Greece’s exit from the EU

92% of young people in Greece do not trust politics. the same attitude is common to 66% of young people in Germany. Almost four in 10 young Greeks do not negatively approach Grexit, that is the possibility of the Greece to leave the European Union. While in Germany only 9% of young people do not approach negatively the possibility of Germany to leave the EU.

Young people in Greece are at 47% pessimistic about their future; however they are more optimistic than the French and the Italians of the same age.

One in two young people both in Greece and Italy is particularly concerned about the future of work. Much less concerned are young people in Austria and Switzerland.

The issue of refugees is considered among young people with a positive attitude even in countries where unemployment is high.

These are the results obtained during the pan-european research “Generation What?” among young Europeans aged 18-34. The research results are to be published next month.

However, the above mentioned findings were presented at the 2nd Greek-German Youth Forum by the representative of the German Institute of sociological research «SINUS Akademie», Dr. Gabriel Sabah.

Generation What?

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