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Animal abuse: Brainless thug paints stray dog with AEK FC initials

What’s the difference between a human and an animal? Sometimes it is hard to tell. But it is certain it is not the number of legs that makes the difference. Animals abuse is widespread in Greece. And some abuser think it is fun to paint animals. A  brainless two-legged supporter of AEK FC painted a stray dog with the name of the football club.

The poor four-legged creature was seen wandering around in the rain in the town of Megalopolis in Arcadia in Peloponnese. The big black stray dog was frightened.

A passerby found him and shot several pictures and uploaded them on Facebook on Wednesday.

The reaction was outrage. Even the official  fan club  AEK Original 21 re-posted the pictures and condemned the abuse of the dog as an “act of cannibalism.” On their page on FB, AEK Original 21 urged its members to provide information they might have about the identity of the abuser.

In a statement, AEK FC said that the pictures “cause chills and horror to every intelligent man,” and condemned the act underlining that “such cannibalistic acts are not consistent with the ethos and the culture of the fan clubs of AEK.”

The pictures mobilized welfare organizations that sought a safe shelter for the dog.

Animal rights website reports today that the dog has been adopted.

Animal Abuse though paint

The greatest idiot of a FC fan is this man. A fan of Olympiakos FC.

Αυτό θα πει βλαμμένος Ολυμπιακός!

The picture is from 31. July 2012

Beginning of March, this poor young cat was found injured and painted with what it seems through a paintball rifle. She was found at Ellinikon in south Athens by the “Cat Rescue Athens.”

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