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How powerful is Greece?

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  1. Wrong. Greece hasn’t spent anywhere near 6.5 billion for years. Last 4 years have been around 2.2 billion. Our military if measured per capita is one of strongest in the world and me have highly trained soldiers trained with very modern equipment.

  2. God help us! Somebody must tell this idiot ( I am being polite) in the video that Greece does not have a very high standard of living, but a very high standard of dying thanks to our friends of the 4th Reich and their present (and of course past) employees, now Alex and the Quislings. Population has shrunk by 6% during the beautiful last 7 years. The country has 40% of the population below the poverty line; how high is this as a standard?
    Please KTG remove such utter BS propaganda from the site in the future.