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Two Greek Sea Arches among World’s Top Ten

There are numerous stunning sea arches across the globe. Two of them are in Greece.”The Blue Caves” on the island of Zakynthos, Ionian Sea, and the “Kleftiko Caves” on the island of Milos in the Central Aegean Sea.

Kleftiko Caves

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These rock formations can only be reached by the sea and legend has it that one of the caves was once a pirate hideaway. Kleftiko is famous for its crystal clear waters and attracts regular sailboat cruises in the summer.

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Blue Caves

Unsurprisingly the Blue Caves owe their name to their spectacular blue waters and are one of the island of Zakynthos’s most famous natural attractions. Some caves can only be visited by boat while others are only accessible by expert swimmers and divers.

They are also known as the blue caves of Volimes, the picturesque village where they are located on the West of the island. This area is quite wilder, rural, and less transited than the others just mentioned. In fact, the blue caves are only accessible by the sea. However, this fact has not stopped them from being one of the main attractions of this Greek island, especially at certain times of the day.
The biggest cave is called Kianoun, and there are, in general terms, many boats available for rent in the town port for tourists to be able to get to the blue caves.
The distinctive element of the blue caves is that they reflect the vibrating and striking blue colour of the waters in them, which at the same time capture and reflect the shine of the limpid sky reflected on their surface.
This succession of bright reflection creates an almost magical atmosphere that is better appreciated at sunrise or sunset.
The blue caves have also interesting arches created by erosion along thousands of years, which allow for going through these caves and get actually surrounded by this surreal environment. However, there is one way of being part of that marvellous scenery apart from getting surrounded by the cave’s arches: the blue caves are obviously the soft spot for those who like diving.

The Top Ten Sea Arches list was compiled by Mail Online Travel.  The UK daily urges its readers to “go and see the arches before they are gone.” It reminds of the famous Azure Window in Malta that crumbled into the sea this week after being pummelled by stormy weather.

The Dwejra landscape post-collapse

The landscape after and before the collapse.
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The Azure Window was one of Malta's major highlights.

Additional information source for the Blue Caves: Greeca.com


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