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Moscovici will not publish EU Commission’s Grexit Plan as … too jeopardizing

The European Commission keeps its Plan B for Greece in the Berlaymont building in Brussels, in a safe. A secret with seven seals. The emergency Grexit plan drafted by the Commission in summer 2015 in the peak of the crisis between the Greek government and the European creditors. The 200-point plan contains sensitive information that would jeopardize stability in Greece and cause turmoil in the Eurozone should the document be published.

Therefore, European Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici has turned down a request from former Greek minister Anna Diamantopoulou for Brussels to make public the emergency plan it drafted for the possibility of a Greek exit from the eurozone.

According to Kathimerini, Diamantopoulou wrote to Moscovici earlier this year following a revival of Grexit speculation and asked for the plan to be published so Greeks could be aware of the dangers involved.

However, Moscovici suggested in his response, which Diamantopoulou received a few days ago, that publishing the draft would simply fuel damaging speculation and would not be in the public interest as it would endanger financial, monetary and economic stability in Greece. He also said that the document contains some highly sensitive issues.

Parts of the plan, which is said to include emergency humanitarian aid for Greece, were discussed at the College of Commissioners in Brussels a few days before the July 5 referendum in 2015.

“In our view, the public interest is best served when citizens know the whole truth about issues that affect their future,” Diamantopoulou, who now heads the Diktyo think tank, told Kathimerini. The former minister also served as a European commissioner between 1999 and 2004.

EU commission’s Grexit Plan was drafted around end of June 2015 by a team of fifteen Commission officials, many of whom had previously had direct involvement in the Greek bailout programs.The existence of such a plan was revealed a few weeks later, as one of the EU’s scaremongering cards against Greece and the Greeks.

According to a KTG’s article published on 19. July 2015, an EU official had warned Greeks that tanks would be rolling in the streets of Athens, should the coalition SYRIZA-ANEL government would not comply with creditors’ demands and sign for the third bailout.

The report addresses some 200 issues that could arise from a Greek exit from the single currency, including potentially devastating social consequences.

If this plan did ever materialize, the sound of army tanks would be heard in the street of Athens”

One of the 200 issues examined in the report was also, whether Greece would also be forced to leave the European Union, and therefore the Schengen Area, if it had to abandon the euro.

The Commission’s Grexit Plan is kept in a safe close to the office of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on the 13th floor of the Berlaymont building.

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  1. “If this plan did ever materialize, the sound of army tanks would be heard in the street of Athens”
    The question is: Whose tanks?
    Is there at the EU level such a thing as the ‘freedom of information act’ as in the US?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      they didn’t explain out of fear they would be asked pay for the gasoline

      • Hahaha, good one. And for the long queues at the gas station

        • Actually GR has 3 months or so of fuel reserves so that would be the least of GR’s worries during a drachma party!

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        This captcha bullshit is getting even worse, not only not accepting any numbers but also the comments are gone into Nirvana after re-button, this can cause lots of wasted time, it also happened before on old KTG but only in 1 of 20 times. New visitors won’t understand this and will stay away
        Just like the loading of the pages, with all this you-tubes aso it freezes computers even more than before with the old design. A solution could be when clicking one headline only this one article shows up and not the whole site again and again.
        If the youtubes are important may be it’s better to host them on vimeo

    • There is one Directive called “Freedom of Information” but it misleadingly concerns environmental information. However, even if there were an Act such as that of the US, it would be nothing for Brussels, the 4th Reich etc. to violate it in the same way as they have violated many other European level laws in order to rape Greece.
      Now regarding their Grexit plan, I would think they never had one, first of all because they are incompetent and second because they knew they had secured a series of Quisling governments.
      The whole idea of a “secret” plan was planted just to spread more fear in the desperate country.

      • The Guradian fought and won a case in the CJEU some time ago establishing the principle of freedom of information for all EU documents other than those designated Secret, as a I recall. The idea that the USA or UK obey their Freedom of Information acts in a meaningful way is wrong: they suppress all information by redacting the texts. The EU is not siginficiantly different from these two countries in its behaviour.

  2. Don’t they know that soldiers already for dec2008 demanded “no more tanks in Athens”?
    Doing politics without doing “homework” first.
    Just like Germoney thought half a million Greeks will come and slave for them, they’re still very, very disappointed that not so many came and the rest decided to migrate far away from funking Krautland for more money and nicer public opinion.
    idiots at happy hour
    And then the more “left” “market”-“liberators” come around with good results in unemployment statistics esp for Portugal, that now plays a little bit the role for Spanish companies that plays Bulgaria for Greek but fact is, emigration had the main impact on these statistics.