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ND warns of 200,000 refugees in Greece, if EU Turkey Deal breaks apart

Greece’s main opposition party New Democracy warns that 200,000 refugees and migrants will flock to Greece if the EU Turkey deal on the refugee crisis breaks apart.

ND vice president Adonis Georgiadis said on Tuesday that if the confrontation between Turkey and Europe continues, Ankara will break the agreement one day.

“Then 200,000 refugees and migrants will most likely reach the Greek islands,” Georgiadis told private Skai TV.

The mass influx would shake the Greek economy, the New Democracy vice stressed.

I cannot tell whether there will be 200,000 or 100,000 but for sure if the sultan at Bosporus decides to make his threats come true, Merkel, Juncker & Co should slowly start considering about the relocation quotas.

Nevertheless, for the time being Erdogan is working in favor of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte just hours before the Parliamentary elections in the Netherlands on Wedsnday.


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  1. The only Solution is the ” pacific solution” modelled on Australia . Boat push backs and no person stepping foot on Greek soil will be granted citizenship ever, regardless if they found to be genuine. We decide if and how many genuine refugees we take with extreme vetting to see compatibility with our culture and future job prospects. What’s the pony if they sit here with no contribution to society. Stop the boats and the smugglers model. Otherwise we will be over run at mercy of sultan erdogan.

    • No, this illegal activity is not going to happen elsewhere. Already the Ozzie pigs are being pushed into line, forced to obey the law. It is no accident that the country was originally populated by criminals expelled from Great Britain.

      And the reason the smugglers exist is because EU countries refuse to allow refugees to be received lawfully, and require them to arrive illegaly in order to apply for asylum. This occurs because of the far right anti-refugee mentality across the EU (except in Greece). Europe has created its own problems, such as the eurozone mess and the refugee crisis — the latter actually caused by the USA, UK and others financing the terrorists in Syria.
      It’s about time that right wing politicians accepted some responsibility for their appalling behaviour and learned to obey the law — the law that they hypocritically profess to be so supportive of.

    • Funny thing is that this is exactly the right-wing position in Northern-Europe, but they are not friendly with Greece, as they wanna take Greek islands for this Australian model – not Tunisia, nor Egypt, as both are too unreliable in their eyes, may be throwing homecoming ISIL militias into the same camps like stopped refugees, because it took five years until the promised European money came – of Erdogan’s 3 billion still more than 80% are not paid.
      But this EU-Turkey-deal is since a long time already a Greek-Turkey deal in deadlock: Turkey can’t send exchanged refugees to Europe as Greek courts forbid to deport them to Turkey. And Turkey wants to relocate many of the refugees from other parts of Turkey closer to their homelands, they’re building new houses for them in Kurdistan.
      So instead of “Islamists” and other retards – regarding polls and surveys conducted with refugees that reached Germoney with the “million”, it’s very interesting that they seem to have same opinions and values just like the Krauts – Kurdish Anarcho-Communists will overrun Greece?
      Funny is also that in some German city-squares higher crime-rates aren’t often due to refugees but to people that live in France or Belgium, just ask German tourists from Cologne or Dusseldorf.

      BTW: How many Greeks migrated to Australia due to crisis? Will they all get thrown out when the real Australians decide that all whities have to go back home to Europe?
      Greece is still a legal state, Australia is just a illegal filthy squat that can be compared to Greece finally only when the European occupation has ended.
      To use a pony you have to raped it! I’ve ask my donkey and he didn’t say anything about it but his head was moving side to side, so this is the truth.

      • Apart from your last sentence (which I do not understand) I agree. In fact, this is a majoir point you make (and I forgot) — that northern EU countries have openly suggested using Aegean islands as open prisons for refugees. The complete lack of respect for Greece is very clear in all the discussions about migration policies in northern Europe — at least from the right and extreme right parties and governments. This is something that the supporters of Golden Toilet need to think about: their fascist friends in the EU will fuck Greece. They did that in the 1940s, so no reason to think anything different will happen this time.

  2. Forced into line???Yeah I dont think so. Sovereign nation determines what happens on their land. Refugee convention is outdated and not relevant in this day and age and a threat to national security. What can anyone do to Australia enforcing the pacific solution? Nothing. Say what you want but it Solved the problem. No more boat arrivals for years. Now there is a generous and orderly humanitarian program where people are assessed and ALLOWED in, not barging through back door. I believe people mainly selected from refugee camps, genuine people with families the way it should be. This is s country with financial means to look after these people with Housing money and education provided. Alternative to the genuine ones is temporary protection visa. When it’s safe to return then they go home. Who’s going to rebuild Syria ?

    Greece has no capacity to look after their own , let alone other countries. 1.8 billion euro spent in one year spent on illegal immigrants with 400 million given to Greece from EU. Where did the other 1.4 billion come from. The mouths of starving Greeks that’s where.

    The smugglers exist for two reasons desperate people and money. What’s the limit of refugee intake ? Thousands , millions, billions??? 1 billion people live in poverty so what do we do, let them all into Europe we can’t look after all of them. To all the bleeding heart snowflakes I always say same thing. How many refugees do you look after in your home ? Answer is always NONE so spare us the soapbox theatrics if you don’t. You dint trust them in your home. So why should we. I saw what they did in lesvos in 2015 and how they destroyed the island

    • It’s your opinions that are outdated, not the refugee laws that apply in the civilised world. Your views belong to the Hitler Youth — who no longer exist. You need to get an update and come into the modern world.

      And I have NEVER stated or implied that Greece should host large numbers of refugees. At this time, there are even too many non-refugee immigrants for the economy to sustain: it is a terrible problem for the Greek people if refugees arrive. But if they do arrive, we know that the generosity and humanity of Greeks is far superior to the fascist mentality of northern Europe. That has already been shown by the people of the Aegean islands and elsewhere in Greece — despite the terrible financial problems suffered by so many Greek people.