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PM’s office dismisses rumors Tsipras is about to declare ‘early elections’

The office of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras categorically denied news agencies rumor reports that the PM was to announce early elections either today, Thursday, or tomorrow, Friday.

The prime minister’s office described the Reuters news as “completely non-existent.”

Speaking to Greek media, government sources noted that “it raises questions how such a big news agency deals with unfounded rumors.”

SKAI TV quoted government sources saying “we are in the era of fake news.”

Earlier today, finance news website exclusively cited ‘sources’ claiming PM Tsipras would call a press conference on Thursday or Friday and most probably would call for early elections.

Tsipras could call a press conference either today or tomorrow – ForexLive sources

Wow, I’ve got an exclusive sources story for you.

According to chatter in Greece, Tsipras could call a presser either today or tomorrow to give his latest views on the ongoing bailout negotiations, with strong focus on talking about Germany, and the feeling is he’s not going to have anything pleasant to say. It’s also being touted that there’s a risk that he either threatens or actually calls a general election.

While Tsipras threatening new elections isn’t anything new, the rumour mill is cranking up over this.

At this point we should treat this info purely as rumour until it’s confirmed, and while I don’t often trust rumours, I’m have a good deal of trust in the source for this one.

I’ll update you if I hear anymore. “(

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