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Turkey Interior Min: Let’s send 15,000 migrants a month to Europe to “blow its mind’

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu has said Turkey could send 15,000 refugees and migrants to Europe to shock the Europeans. The threat follows  the recent diplomatic crisis between Ankara and Germany and the Netherlands that stemmed from the latter’s decision to bar Turkish ministers from staging rallies there.

“We have a readmission deal. I’m telling you Europe, do you have that courage? If you want, we’ll send the 15,000 refugees to you that we don’t send each month and blow your mind. You have to keep in mind that you can’t design a game in this region in spite of Turkey,” Soylu said at an event late on March 16, referring to a readmission deal between the European Union and Turkey to return migrants to Turkey who have illegally crossed the Aegean Sea to Greece.

As part of the agreement, Greek officials are obliged to return refugees trying to reach Western European countries via Greece and return them to Turkey.

Soylu said Germany and the Netherlands were trying to complete what they could not accomplish during the Gezi Park protests, the December 2013 graft probes – which targeted figures close to the government and resulted in lasting enmity between the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the followers of the U.S.-based Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen – and the July 2016 failed coup attempt, which is widely believed to have been masterminded by the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ).

“Who are the main ones trying to get things done? Germany and the Netherlands. Are the elections going to be held in Germany? Will the charter change in Germany or the Netherlands?” he said, referring to the April 16 referendum that will decide whether the current parliamentary system should be replaced by an executive presidency with vastly enhanced powers for President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

“This is our internal issue. What do you care? Why are you getting involved in it? Did you accept Turkey into the European Union? Did you provide support to Turkey in its fight against terrorism?” he said.

“There are games being played against Turkey in order to prevent it from becoming strong in the future,” Soylu also said.

Claiming that Turkey had been subjected to multilayered games for many years, Soylu said  FETÖ, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) were trying to destroy love and fraternity.

He also said the Turkish Republic was in its strongest period and that “some people can’t handle it,” adding that per capita income had increased during this period.

During his speech, Suleyman Soylu said the constitutional amendments would bring a system that “doesn’t produce words, but actions.”

Soylu’s threats come a day after president Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to tear up the Eu Trukey Deal.

He said the EU could “forget about” Turkey re-admitting failed asylum seekers who had reached Europe via Turkey, a key part of the agreement.

Erdogan also said the EU’s top court was leading a “crusade” against Islam and that the EU had broken its promise of granting visa-free travel to Turks.

“Now they say readmission. What readmission? Forget about it,” he said.

“You don’t let my minister into the Netherlands. You revoke the landing rights of my foreign minister. You prevent [us] holding meetings at the General Consulate building, which is my land. But after that you’d expect us to do this [re-admit migrants]. That’s not going to happen.”

On Wednesday Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Turkey could immediately stop implementing the agreement if it wanted to.

The Turkish government has escalated threats since the diplomatic row with the Netherlands broke out.

PS Turkey is politically so weak and a permanent victim of its own paranoia; it will never stop seeing ‘foreigners’ as enemies and therefore it will never be able to be a full member of the European Union – even if it wanted to. Period.

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  1. I guess they need to bring in some terrorist that will be hiding among the refugees/migrants in order to start the holy wars they apparently so much want.
    That just might start economic sanctions from the EU. Turkey’s economy would not last much longer if that happens.

    • Thing is that Turkey had sent several of ISIL-troopers with European passports on regular flights back home to Europe with details for European authorities about their own suspicion about them and Europe let them go – as far as I remember one case they’ve send one godsicker to Amsterdam who was later involved in attacks I think in Brussels but there’s more like this also.

      • Some of the people involved in the Paris attacks were hiding among the migrants that made it over land to Europe. This one guy you talk about flew to Amsterdam where he evaded detection because Amsterdam airport security was informed 15 minutes after the plane landed. European security is a mess. Germany just let people with fake ids claiming to be refugees in. In NL security check is also a joke. It is estimated that hundreds of jihadis came into Europe that way.

        • Nope, more of your far right propaganda. The terrorists who evaded scrutiny are all EU citizens, who moved around Europe without being detected. Trying to use the inability of the EU to track known terrorists and reshaping it in order to oppose refugee protection is just SICK.

          • That is bullshit. European intelligence agencies estimate that hundreds of jihadis and terrorists came into Europe using falls ids. They have lost track of many of them. You left wing looneys have lost all sense of reality.

          • Stop posting lies here. There are right wing claims from right wing looneys all over the place: try dealing with reality and known facts.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            You don’t see that headlines are made by police-lobbies, the “Berlin-bomber” A.A. was a drug dealer in a huge park in Berlin-Kreuzberg and while they let many drug-dealers do their jobs around the corner, the cops come with 500 robo-cops and water-canons, occupy whole boroughs and terrorize the working people living there with helicopters in the nights to clear Squats that courts later ruled were no squats, so evictions was illegal. Why you think Berlin is now ruled by a “lefty” coalition?
            Or is the police just too stupid? At least some days after headlines got stick in the people heads comes relativistic thoughts like “we need per dangerman 30 cops for surveillance”

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          It’s simply not proven that these guys in Paris that came via Greece were involved in the attacks, the only thing that police-media told us is that’ve found their IDs but all other information was blocked out due to Marshal Law, a Marshal Law that discriminates these parts of society – that live and most of them born in France only due to France’s colonial history – but in contradiction to it was very relaxed against suburban revolt’ riots, media often called participants Islamists, but most of them are Atheists.
          You think it makes any sense that two terrorists travel together on one ferry-ticket?
          The really notable thing about it is that just weeks before that the European media was full of hunt against Greece, that she isn’t doing any “border-protection”…
          Also you are about some few hundreds at gatherings of AKP with max 8000 in Oberhausen, so what? Victims of hysteria, what comes next, bombs against Greek tourism sector?

  2. Anyone who didn’t see this coming from the outset of the stupid and illegal EU-Turkey Statement is a fool with the IQ of a Trump. What is worse, is that there is no plan to deal with the scenario other than turning all of Greece (or the Greek islands, at least) into an open air refugee camp. Like 2015. In other words, the EU has no plan.

    • He isn’t saying to bring 15.000 to Greece, he’s a saying EU and as they’re pro’s in PR they’d figure a much more better effect and attention would be to fly’em in to Berlin, Amsterdam and Vienna with Turkish Airlines.
      Beside some heavy bullshit in the Eastern Aegean they recognize that these hit-men could get deported and that FETO is used as a synonym for “conspiracy” in Central Europe much more often than in Eastern Europe.

    • Wrong! Of course the EU (i.e. the 4th Reich) has a plan. This is why it has occupied an entire country (Greece) to use as a refugee prison. They knew the deal with the Sultan was not sustainable and they prepared their own concentration camp. 10 million Greeks are already there but there is ample capacity for a few more. More vacancies will appear in the future as the Greeks are set for quick elimination (wrong race).

      • It’s a matter of opinion whether the EU had a plan. Since I work with the European Commission on and off, I can tell you that there was never a hint of any planning of the sort you mention. At the height of the 2015 migration flows (September-October 2015) I met some of the Commission staff in Brussels trying to manage the situation in the Balkans. They had no plan, and were more concerned to deal with Hungary’s illegal behaviour towards refugees. Nor did I hear one word of criticism about the Greek state — not even from Germans in the Commission. At that time there was a clear understanding from the Commission staff that Greece was in an impossible situation: the attacks on Greece came from national politicians of the EU, the usual mafia who are also the ones destroying the Greek economy.
        Of course, the biggest problem that Greece has is that the person Samaras nominated as a Commissioner — Avramopoulos, also known as Kyrios Tipota — is in charge of the migration DG. He has filled his Cabinet with friends and relatives, and has no experts or people with ability. This is what happens when you allow Greek politicians to run things: they f**k up Greece as well as the rest of the EU.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        With good reason the terrorists of Krauty NSU murdered 8 Greeks and Turks, a terrorist organisation that faces a trial in Munich with witnesses, snitched and cops against them dying out, so far I know it’s more than six in freak-suicides.
        But regarding Greece: Do you think the 480.000 that emigrated don’t send money back home to their families?

  3. This was the game plan from the beginning. Send them in and take over one day at a time. Jihad was issued this way sine they do have enough weapons to take over. You must first answer the question WHY??
    Why so many young men who should be fighting for their own countries plus why are so may babies born in war?? Turkey has an agenda to dominate the WEST again. They are being helped by some EU countries.
    Read the history of Turkey and Germany.
    Why do the hordes who want to come not want to assimilate themselves, or do something to help their own??

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      You’d ask some Assyrian about the Turkish resettle-program for Assyrian people and what they think about their by Kurdish Nazionalists occupied houses and destroyed churches, destroying Assyrian culture, so they can claim Assyrian villages being Kurdish as if Assyrian people never had existed there.
      Just like Europe’s best friend “United States of Racists and Illegals” squatting two continents, one building walls against real Americans, the squatters finally decided friendly to call “aborigine”, just to justify their own illegal stay.
      Pl take your hordes that never learnt any of the hundreds American and Australian languages and go back home to Europe and bring’em home to their Near-Asian hippie-god in Golgatha, he refused American and Australian nails.
      The only hordes I see is decadent rich drunken First World-overpopulation that asks for “Bratwurst” in Crete and gets angry with the “Zazikis” if they only have nice Greek food or get a frozen pizza just because this is not Italy, Italians know what I mean as they stand with Greeks just like most Turks against this racist European bastards that wanna buy Greece, South-Italy. and wanna rage war on the Aegean.
      So leave us alone with your Western “Civilization” propaganda that only aims on instigating war on Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.
      “United States Of Balkans”(Baildsa)

    • Nonsense. The Turks do not have Jihad and the Syrian refugees are caused by the USA and UK arming terrorists in Syria, because they felt like causing trouble there.
      And I have no idea what you are talking about with “assimilation”. It takes Greeks several generations to integrate into foreign cultures like Australia or Germany and even then they still speak Greek as a native language: that is not assimilation. Assimilation is a fascist idea and Greeks do not accept it themselves. Why should you try to impose that on others? People should integrate into communities in a way that fits themselves and the host country — not according to some Nazi ideas of conformism. I would never tell Greeks in Ozland (for example) that they do not have the right to use the Greek language or believe in Greek culture and heritage. This is their right and I support it.

      • Turks do not really integrate into European societies. I know plenty of hip Turks in NL that try to get out of Turkish communities but they keep sucking them back in. Turkish girls (and also Moroccan) that want to lead their own lives really have it the worst. They don’t have anything to say in how “they should integrate into communities in a way that fits themselves”.
        Turks in Europe are even more nationalistic than many Turks in Turkey. If there is something fascist at this moment then it is the Turkish state. Not to mention Islam which is a patriarchal, authoritarian, totalitarian all encompassing violent ideology. The left in Europe does not get this and the left for the Islamist are just a bunch of useful idiots.
        Jihad can have many forms. But Turks do not have jihad? Seriously?
        Here is what Erdogan said in 1998: “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…”.
        And a few days ago he added the womb to the mix as well by saying that Turks in Europe should increase their influence there by having more babies. Not three but five (of course all getting child support form European countries). His minister of foreign affairs said that soon holy wars will start in Europe. Turkish mosques in Europe are run by Diyanet, the presidency of religious affairs, a Turks state institution. They appoint and send imams to these mosques. At the local level in Europe you see that organizations such as Mili Görüs and the Grey Wolves have infiltrated the labor party, taking it over and getting rid of the autochtonous local leaders. Erdogan said that “democracy is like a tram ride: when you reach your stop, you get off”. His previous minster of foreign affairs, that he he kicked out because he didn’t support his bit to become sultan, said that Bosnia and Kosovo are Turkish lands and that Turkey will always defend them. This clown also said that the Ottoman Empire was the best thing to ever have happened to the Balkans and that that situation should be restored. Not everybody in the Balkans agreeing to that. In the incident in Rotterdam Erdogan told the Turkish demonstrators to stay put. After that he called NL and Germany nazis, facists, Hitler, Mussolini and Franco and said that the Dutch killed 8000 Muslims in Srebrenica. His minister of EU affairs compared NL with North Korea and a government advisor said that NL harvest organs from kids in Bosnia and trafficked women there. We are looking forward to hear what more stupid things they will say next week. In Turkey he is dismantling the secular state build by Ataturk and replacing it with an Islamic state. Opponents and journalist are being imprisoned, etc. etc. and Erdogan presents himself as the leader of the Islamic world (not everybody there agreeing to that).
        But no, Turkey does not have a jihad. If you think they say that just for rhetoric then keep dreaming and wake up in a nightmare.

        • More far right garbage. Turks do not integrate; Greeks do not integrate; British do not integrate; Dutch do not integrate. After two or three generations, they integrate (but rarelyr assimilate) into European societies. And many diaspora are far more nationalistic than people in their native land: this is a well known phenomenon.
          All of you have done is give your bigoted opinion that Turks will engage in jihad (when they have NEVER done so) and your false claims that there is some sort of problem with Turks that is not there with Europeans. What you have posted is nothing other than extreme RACISM, dressed up with blah-blah.

          • BS from your side, again. Turks don’t integrate much into Western European societies. Not many Muslims do. There are segregated communities (by their own choice). Germany, France, NL, your UK all have declared their multicultural societies failures. There are nogo areas in Paris, London, Sweden. Erdogan calls on Turks not to integrate. Tells them to have more children so they get more influence. I know some Turkish and Moroccan guys who date Western European girls but in the end they all marry a Turkish and Moroccan girl that is ‘pure’. Their own girls cannot date anybody outside of their community and arranged marriage happen all along. Surveys show all the time that 50+ % or more of Muslims prefer sharia law over common law, etc.
            All that Turkey has said the last couple of weeks are signs of jihad. Now he says that in Europe they would open the gas chambers again if they weren’t ashamed to do so. Turks in Europe listen to that stuff. Thank goodness there are some smart ones that don’t buy that stuff but many Turks follow the news in Turkey via their satellite dish. Apparently you know nothing about jihad. It is not just violent struggle, it can take many forms such as taking over communities and local politics, building more mosques and spreading the religion by conversions. Mosques in Europe are often financed from abroad and via dubious financial constructions and they are controlled by foreign ministries such as Diyanet.
            Yeah yeah, call everybody a racist that is all you can do. In most of your counter arguments you cannot come up with facts that dispute other people’s arguments.
            You can’t deny the fact that there are serious problems within our societies. And you should listen sometimes how the Turks and other minorities speak about each other or about Europeans. Hearing that would make a neonazi’s cheecks blush. But you think it is all rosy and we should bring in more foreigners and that we will be one big happy family if we just let them be. That might work if everybody is having an open mind and is not being led by dogmas but generally demographics don’t work that way.

          • Yeh yeh, paragraphs of right wing crap. If you actually read what I posted, I told you that Brits and Dutch have as much trouble integrating into other societies as Turks do. I also told you that it is related to how the host society behaves, as well as the migrant community, and that integration is rarely completed for the first generation. Your attack on Turks is pure RACISM alongside Islamophobia and should not have been allowed here by KTG.
            It is also interesting to note that you made your debut on KTG with allegations about the refugees flows (along with false statistics about very few women and children in the flows). In that series of rants, you did mention Islam. Now your new series of rants is about Islam and Turks. The theme clearly is nothing other than that you personally hate Islam. I suggest you get some medical help for that irrational fear.

          • Pfff, the Dutch are called the invisible immigrant because they integrate so well into their host societies. Scores of Dutch migrants after WWII integrated perfectly into Canada, US, Australia. In Spain and France they integrate well and hardly stick with Dutch clubs or something. I think I integrated nicely where I live. I don’t know of any Dutch trying to integrate into an Islamic country. I do know they better do that because in many cases they won’t be allowed to act as they do back in NL.
            You were the one twisting statistics. Again your rant. I used UNHCR’s own stats. And I made my debut on KTG long before that.
            I used to know plenty of Turks in my own country. Went to school with them, lived in a mixed neighbourhood. We got along nicely but we never mixed. But they are not well integrated into Dutch society. I don’t say that, the Dutch social-cultural planning bureau (a government agency) says that. According to them they are the least integrated. And they have been in NL for 3-4 generations now. According to one Turkish commentator the lack of Turkish integration is because for the facilitation of integration the Dutch government worked with conservative Turkish organisations such as Mili Görüs, Diyanet, and even in some instances the Grey Wolves (disguised as sheep).
            It is not about ethnicity or race. You accuse me of that all the time. And again you call for censorship. I don’t have anything against races or ethnicity. I think it is great that there is diversity in the world. There are no superior races. There are however superior cultures and these are based on thought-processes, philosophies and ideologies. In the West we got rid of the tyranny of the clergy through the renaissance. What followed were humanism with socialism and liberalism which put human welfare at the corner of their philosophies (although from a different perspective) instead of some God and its dogma. There was a time when the Islamic world was further ahead and enlightened than Medieval Europe but while Europe took a turn for the better with the renaissance, Islam took a wrong turn. What Islam needs is a renaissance.
            Islamaphobia!!!1!111!!! Another hollow accusation that left wing SJW looneys (that are defending a patriarchal, authoritarian, totalitarian, misogynistic, violent religion, oh the irony) throw all the time. A phobia is an irrational fear of something. Fear of a religion with the above characteristics is not irrational. Christians and others are constantly being persecuted in Islamic countries. Something I never hear you about.
            Name me one Islamic country, Xenos, just one that is a democracy AND respects humans rights AND allows anybody to become what he or she wants AND that is prosperous. Just one. You can’t. “Enlightened” countries that fulfill all the above are plenty and they are in countries that got rid of religious dogma and that put human welfare and well being at the center of their philosophies. That is why so many want to go there.
            Really, the ones that really need psychological attention are people stuck in their religious dogmas and the left wing SJW looneys that defend them.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Your Dutch Illegals integrate perfect into racist gangs of European criminals occupying America and Australia, Bravo!