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Naxos – The Slaughter of Sea Turtles: Rescue org appeals for hints

They slaughter sea turtles on the island of Naxos. Since the beginning of the year, a total of ten sea turtles have been washed up at the beaches of the Greek island in the Cyclades in the Aegean sea. All of them were beheaded.

The Greek Sea Turtles Protection and Rescue organization in Greece, Archelon, denounces the ‘systematic extermination of  the marine reptiles’ and asks those having hints to the case to contact the authorities or Achelon and stop this systematic killing.

According to a statement issued by ARCHELON, the sea turtles were not in a “advance level of sepsis to justify the absence of head.”

Ο ΑΡΧΕΛΩΝ ζητάει από εκείνους που γνωρίζουν να καταγγείλουν στις αρχές αυτούς που σκοτώνουν αποκεφαλίζοντας θαλάσσιες χελώνες

Pictures were sent to the rescue organization by port authorities and the Wild Life Protection Society of Naxos.

Archelon is asking the mobilization of authorities and residents to prohibit further killing.

In summer 2016, a seat turtle was found bound in a cement block that hindered it from coming to the sea surface in order to be able to breathe.

The organization speaks of “intentional killing of the sea turtles” in Naxos.

Most of the beheaded sea turtles were found in the same area, in Plaka.

“We ask for your help!” Archelon stresses and urge the residents and tourists on Naxos to get in contact with authorities if they know anything about the tragic events.

Please contact

  • Naxos Port Authority: Tel 2285022300
  • ARCHELON: Tel. 2108944444, 6941511511

Source: Greek animal rights website


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