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Erdogan and his dream to have Turks conquer Europe – Incredible map!

Are you one of them who wondered, why did Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged his people, Turks around Europe, to have “five children” and not just “three”? Having “five children” should be the response to the “rudeness shown to you,” Erdogan said on Friday and told Turks that “they are Europe’s future.”

“Have five children, not three. You are Europe’s future. This is the best answer to the rudeness shown to you, the enmity, the wrongs.”

Erdogan reiterated the call Sunday, saying procreation is necessary since European countries are working on “reducing our number.” Europeans would even bring back gas chambers if they weren’t ashamed of their past, according to Erdogan.

“They were uncomfortable with my words. They are your citizens. They can give birth to three children or five,” Erdogan explained Sunday. “If they weren’t ashamed, they would revive the gas chambers.”

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said Erdogan has “gone too far” and warned the Turkish president against continuing his harsh rhetoric. A spokeswoman of German ruling CDU said “Erdogan is nuts” on Monday.

 Nuts choleric, hallucinating, megalomaniac, name him what you want, Erdogan has one and only target: to win the Referendum and become the absolute ruler in a neo-Ottoman country that he loves to fantasize it could be expand to the borders the Ottoman Empire lost in First World War. And beyond!

The explanation to Erdogan’s Turkish procreation dream came through the front page of a Turkish pro-government newspaper close to Erdogan and the AKP party.

Newspaper STAR changed the map of Europe and filled it with Turkish baby boomers and their cute Turkish babies.

All Europe … Turkish red, from the South to Scandinavian North, from East to West.

“The Fear of Crescent”

Newspaper Star prophesies that Turks and Muslims will be the biggest ethnic group in Europe by 2050.

By 2050, the Turks will have pushed away the Germans, the French, the Greeks, the Swiss and many other folks away from their οwn countries.

“At the same time in many countries Muslims will compete in numbers with Christians. In 2050, Muslims will consist 94% of the population in Kosovo, 82% in   Albania, 62% in Bosnia, 57% in Cyprus, 46% in Macedonia (FYROM), 39% in, Germany, 38% in the UK, 34% in France,  32% in Netherlands, 31% in Switzerland, 29% in Norway, 28% in Bulgaria and Belgium, 16% in Greece.”

The map illustrates the worst wet fantasies a Turkish nationalist can have. According to these, the Germans will have to relocate to…Poland, Greeks to Albania, the Dutch much further to the east,  the biggest people migration in modern times, just to make place for the Turks to settle in Europe.

Together with their five children, of course, that if born in 9-20 months from now, they will be 30 or something years old by 2050.

As the map is really confusing with all these relocated flags, I am not sure the map is not the product of the famous Turkish weed….

Can you believe that there are people in Turkey believing this crap? By April 16th, the Referendum Day, Erdogan and the Turks will have conquered the Europe, Russia, the USA, the subcontinent and China. At least.

The sky is the limit.

Original Turkish source STAR via Greek translation via here and here.

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  1. Xristos Arnei Liontaris

    Greece has lost it’s way…run by atheists,socialists…..Nationalism &
    Christian have become Bad words…Wake up Greece,Wake up Orthodox Church…the International Moneylovers with the help of some Greek rats within govt has sold you out…the debt has made the country a slave forever , to be done with as they please….

  2. Turkish fascist-nationalists are just as bad as fascist-nationalists everywhere. I am surprised they can even make maps at all.

  3. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    This is very easy for Central-Europe to handle, they put’em in their schools, ban all religious classes, ban private schools and don’t stop with that bullshit freedom of religion, no one who gots hallucinations does need any official house for this.
    We all know this is 99% all lie, as if these 99% “believers” would have grown up for generations under some other religion – America belongs to Manitou – would believe in another “god.”
    But they won’t do it, churches have far too many privilege and control public media and most other also.
    Freedom of religion was making sense in ancient Rome under Konstantin as back then when Christianity became state-religion only 10% were “Christians” and so religion needed to be boosted. This comes together with all these fairy tales in that bible and all other “books” being just stolen from ancient times tales, when men and women had to cover their heads to entry some temple but as back then probably 99% were atheists, only upper class was with gods.
    And these “books” were never meant to be books, just like today’s Nazis play black music (all kinds of Rock’nRoll), the Nazis copied Swing and perverted it with an ugly sounding language and just everybody knows Kafka Process but hey, they are all ignorants, ignoring the will of Kafka to not publish it.
    Stolen “Culture” and in these holy books there are no cars, no internet, no handies, no airplanes aso and with good reason, these gods and false prophets were so stupid they didn’t even know that the earth is not flat, otherwise Jesus would have tasted some Sioux’ nails but no, he had no idea or was just a coward.
    Also most religion in the beginning was only a tool to get permission to eat family members that were their beloved animals living with them.
    I have also no idea if religion belongs into Europe anyway, can’t they all go back – if they’re sure about their stupid tales – to Golgatha and the rest of the Near East? Sure, Jesus Mohammed was a terrorist, but was Jesus an imperialist too?
    The first known population exchange happened in an area around today’s Genua. The people opposed to negate their religion and join Christianity – their nice “stone-ages” arty rocks are still there to find today after such a long time but the people who expressed their religion by them were deported to the south of Italy.
    Anyway the next leading religion will be Veganism with many gods – there’s no god but you – and humanity has to except that this is not the planet of the apes but of the whales and sure planes will be banned as they kill many birds, cars kill many insects without reason and this has also an impact on mother nature, also what they call now forests are 99% only parks.
    So Mr. Erdogum, get lessons from god: The Aegean does not belong Greece or Turkey or any state, it belongs to the fish and giant octopus will eat your “Sultan Piri”.

  4. Be careful with your wording KTG. Xenos might brand you a nazi, neo-nazi, fascist, right wing, far right, racist and an Islamophobe.
    These percentage figures are not far from the truth. A main stream newspaper in NL calculated that with the current rate of immigration, Muslims will make up 30% of the population in that country by 2060. Even if the country would apply all of Wilders’ ideas then they would make up 12% of the population. Currently, they stand at 7%. So if that were to be 30% in 2060 then you can imagine what that will be at the end of this century. Of course many Muslims are just Muslim by ‘birth’. Plenty of Muslims in Bosnia for instance are not religious at all. Neither in Albania. But don’t give types such as Erdogan and his mullahs and imams a chance. He recently said that life for Europeans in Europe will become very unpleasant.
    According to this map, Bosnia will become Serbia, Serbia will become Hungary, Hungary will also occupy Romania who then flock to Italy. Albania becomes Greece (???) and Greece along with FYROM will be greater Albania. This author went a bit crazy with the crayons. But beware of demographics.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      this author smokes bad weed

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        What can one expect from an AKP that gots a German Beer sponsor?
        They’ve no clue about their drinking water in their palace. May be a befriended secret service should check it for LSD.
        “Medical” drugs are allowed anyway but godsuckers like the one who executed 38 tourists at a Tunisian beach was full of LSD, Cocaine and Weed and the one shot in Orly last days had some weed, alcohol and cocaine in his blood – mutants stinking from alcohol.
        Erdogun is not only like a minimum one day old chewing-gum but also a sober alcoholic, plus he’s no Turk at all – regarding nationalism – as he’s “Georgian”, but they’ve got also some “Kurds” in their government and some of their main characters name just need an “u” behind the “o” and then their names sound quiet “Pontian”, isn’t it?

  5. giaourti …. your message is representative of many europeans, that is why europe will be stretched to the brink of destruction by the erdogans of the world…..both the ignorant europeans and the useful peons /muslims are being PLAYED by the globalists….globalists want chaos……out of chaos they will swoop in and play saviour….and the white europeans will be happy/begging to be saved…..indoctrination is complete in europe….still a few AWAKE peoples here and there, but not many………..humble yourselves Greece and pray to the ONLY 1 true saviour, read his Biblyo , not wait to be spoon fed and regurgitated by fake representatives…

    • Wow, thanks for not including Greeks into your Barbarian race of neanderthal-dykes g(e)nomes that stole Greece 2/3 of her language or will the Slavs and/or Teutons party some revival grunts in their woods, how long does it take to make out of your fake forests real woods again, 50 years? The “American” White Aryans discussed X.A. as looking quiet like North-Africans, btw, but as all Greeks come from Sirius, don’t worry, they gonna command your race to give back America to real – not that often white – Americans, but wait rumor goes the chieftain of war Crazy Horse had blond hair and that slaves have stolen Rock’n’Roll from their Scottish masters – your Anti-American and Anti-Maya wall will never come as it passes through reservation-concentration camps that focus on a Free(d) America under it’s own race just like the Mani and the Sfakia did oppose Ottomen, yes the Ottomen and the USA are the same and it’s a disrespect to Greece that US-adminstrations dare to speak about their independence-day when referring to Greece’s .
      Only 19% voted Tsipras, absolute majority was boycotting this reality show starring whose pimps to vote into brothel and let’em discuss who sits left or right and these spoons are exquisite with 480.000 living abroad and supporting back home. I’m stupid, I don’t read books, what book do you mean, which one of Homer? Did anybody else write a book? One of the Flat-Earthers, true truthers godsuckers? What you think how many books will be discovered “written” by other long forgotten prophets? Hopefully you live long enough to see that it were thousands. Drilling 5000 meter deep in the Libyan for gas and oil will be canceled due to to many very, very old and teaching ship-wrecks but who knows may be in one they will find messiah bones they could not find in India, rumor goes Alexander was drinking with Jesus on his 300th birthday but heretics were against drugs and so Buddha deported them to Imia… Who invented beer, your race? Do your race invented own music or is it all just smart stolen from blacks and others blacks that discuss who invented Raki? I guess the same since 30 years boring Techno “music” will be hyped and played for 100 years hoping to kill memory of Rock’n’Roll, no chance!

  6. If I get my battery working I’ll ask some Kemalists and Kurds but I think they’ll say this is the Turkish version of Moufa and you got punk’d, but the comedians have not any clue about separatists in Sicily, Greeks and Arvanites in South-Italy or even that “Sardinia non est Italia” and where are the Basques? Drinking on their and Italians solidarity with Donbass and heading for dynamite fishers in Morea? They will get the East Coast of North of A and Island kuz fish they were first to get there but smart pirates don’t talk(ed) tricks and never go online.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      So far I only figured that it deals with European authorities taking families their kids away and that Europeans are unfriendly to Turkish children because for them they’re too loud.
      But for many Europeans also Roma and other foreign kids are too loud.
      Well, if really sooo many tourists cancel holidays in Turkey one could hear very loud Europeans this summer.
      Most tourists that love Turkey don’t care about it and just wait for the announced dumping campaign starts, just like Turks and Kurds say “human is human and politics is politics”