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Greece changes into daylight saving time Mar 26/2017

It’s time again to change the time. The clocks, I mean. On the night from Saturday to Sunday, Greece is changing into Daylight saving time, summer time, that is. At 03:00 a.m. Sunday, March 26th 2017, all clocks should be set one hour forward – and all of a sudden show 04:00 a.m. This will grant people with one hour more of daylight until end of October 2017.

More daylight means more hours of sunshine and more vitamin D!

We will miss one hour of sleep on Sunday, but we will regain it seven months later.

Many people set their clocks forward in advance, that is on Saturday night. I belong to the other group that makes the changes the next day: mostly Sunday afternoon. I love to play a little game with my brain and pretend I don;t know what time it is, is it the new time or the old time? Of course, electronics like the PC and mobile do not need to be changed manual.

I think this ‘game’ on Sunday, allows me to get used to the change.

And You? When do you change the clocks?

When do you change the clocks?

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  1. Sometimes I refuse to change them on principle. I object to this nonsense. But they change now without my doing anything, by internet world clock. Only one stand-alone clock in my apartment requires a manual change. I will probably change it in about one month.