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Civil servants, policeman in gang providing illegals with EU papers

Three civil servants, two notaries, one lawyer and one police officer are among more than 20 people arrested so far in the context of an ongoing police operation to dismantle a criminal group involved in legalizing foreign women from eastern countries – a term usually used for countries of the former Soviet Union.

The criminal group  would provide EU residence and work permission to women from third countries through statements of virtual civil marriages and civil partnership contracts with Greek men.

According to ERT TV, The gang would also provide papers with the same advantages to men from  Middle East countries. This was made easier with fake adoptions of Roma children that would be ‘rented’ by their families for 100 euros.

Police investigation found more than 200 cases of false identification, paternity, illegal adoption and procuring.

So far 24 people have been arrested.

Investigation and operation continue.

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  1. You should not use the noun “illegals”. People who break the law are not illegal: their right to life is guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, amongst other international and regional instruments. NOBODY IS ILLEGAL.