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Bishop calls on Erdogan to baptize Greek Orthodox with Putin as Godfather

An unprecedented move by a Greek Orthodox Bishop. He urged Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to denounce Islam and baptized Greek Orthodox with Russian President Vladimir Putin as godfather.

It may look like a joke but it is not. Metropolit Seraphim of Piraeus, one of the most hardcore   religious leaders of the Greek Orthodox Church, is anything but a man with humor.

In a reportedly 37-page letter, Metropolit Seraphim calls on Erdogan to convert into Christianity. The baptism should take place in the church of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Istanbul, Erdogan’s godfather be Vladimir Putin, Seraphim notes.

“If you want to save yourself and your family you should convert to Greek Orthodox Church, the only real faith,” Seraphim writes.

“We propose and we advise you to come to the arms of the Greek Orthodox Church before the end of your life on earth.”

“Otherwise,  you will unfortunately find yourself, your family and your people in the same place where Allah, Muhammad and his followers are, ie. in the place of suffering, eternal and unending hell.”

The Metropolit calls on Erdogan to “repent, cry, be humble and believe in Christ,” stressing that he is certain that “the Holy Trinity of God will open the arms for you.” Seraphim suggests that should Erdogan convert, the Orthodox on earth and in heaven will rejoice and “the angels in heaven after your enter the true Church!.”

Metropolit Seraphim praises the Turkish Resident as “faithful and godly” and a genuine Turkish Islamist who freed Turkey from Kemalism and brought back the traditional faith.

The Metropolit also analyzes the recent history of Turkey and its accession efforts to the European Union, the Treaty of Lausanne and the 400 years Greece spent under the Ottoman occupation.

He underlines that he disagrees with the not extradition of the eight Turkish soldiers who fled to Greece after the coup of July 2016.

Metropolit Seraphim concludes his letter to Turkish President Erdogan with “honor, respect and honest brother love.”

Unfortunately, Seraphim’s letter contains also several harsh remarks that can be understood as insulting to Prophet Mohamed and the Koran. Among others, he describes Islam as a sect and not as a religion.

The letter has been uploaded on the official website of the Holy Metropolis of Piraeus.

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  1. Λουκάς Σταμέλλος

    *to get baptized

  2. Greek Orthodox propaganda and intolerance of other religions. This is shameful.

  3. I adore Seraphim! Quelle courage. Perhaps his idea won’t <> but it’s not a bad way to resolve certain historic difficulties do admit :))))