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Turkish Purge: Young Lawyer flees to Greek islet off Symi

Turkish purge: A young Turkish lawyer was found on an uninhabited Greek islet, two days after the referendum in Turkey. The man was located by the Greek Coast Guard on Nimos islet in the north of the island of  Symi, very close to the Turkish coast in southeastern Aegean Sea. on Tuesday afternoon.

The 27-year-old man had called the international rescue number <112>.

A Greek coast Guard boat rushed to the islet on Tuesday afternoon.

The man told Greek authorities that he landed on the islet after he paid 2,500 euro to a smuggler. He arrived in Greece with a speedboat that returned to Turkey right away.

Early media reports indicate that the man had with him a Turkish passport and ID card as well as a card of being a member of the Turkish Bar Association.

The Turkish Bar Association was among those organization that denounced fraud at the referendum on Sunday.

The lawyer has reportedly told the Greek Coast Guard that he left Turkey alone with the smuggler who left him on Nimos.

So far he has not disclosed why he left Turkey and entered Greece illegally, neither has he asked for asylum.

The Greek foreign ministry and the national intelligence (EYP) have been informed on the issue.

Authorities investigate the authenticity of his documents but also check through international arrest warrant lists issued by Turkish authorities.

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The man could have been involved in the failed coup attempt of July 2016 or been purged for this reason in the broader Turkish purge.

More than 100 Turkish national have fled to Greece and sought asylum after the failed coup.

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