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Schaeuble blames Greek Gov’t for review delays due to Easter break

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble blames the Greek government for the current delays in the review of the country’s bailout program.

“The Greek government bore responsibility for current delays,” Schaeuble told reporters in Washington on the sidelines of the International Monetary Fund spring meetings.

Greece is to blame that its creditors didn’t return to Athens during the Greek Easter break to finish negotiations on steps the nation must take to qualify for the next tranche of emergency loans, Schaeuble told reporters Friday.

“It would have been possible to continue the mission in Athens immediately in the week after Malta,” said the German finance minister. “This was not possible during the Greek Easter break.”

The Eurogroup meeting in Malta took place on April 7.

The IMF isn’t holding back progress, he said. “The IMF isn’t delaying this process at all,” he stressed.

I don’t want to speculate about signs of senility in the 74-year-old German finance minister. If I am not wrong, this year Easter was celebrated on the same date  by Greek orthodox, Catholics and Protestants like Schaeuble.

Unless believer Schaeuble became an atheist when the atheists of left-wing SYRIZA turned believers.

On the occasion of Schaeuble, Easter and SYRIZA, I will like to remind KTG readers of a short book Wolfgang Schaeuble wrote in 2008.

In the book, Braucht unsere Gesellschaft Religion? (Does Our Society Need Religion?), then interior minister Schaeuble described how faith protects from totalitarianism and abuse of power.

Faith as a Moral Instance

Wolfgang Schaeuble has set out to define the value of faith for politics.

Among other he writes that the relationship to God central to all monotheist religions could play a major role in this respect. In essence, it is a question of people knowing that their own lives and actions are responsible to an authority not appointed by them themselves.

“Religions bestow people with the certainty “that there is something greater than themselves. That there is something which is not made by them but must be respected by them. (…) This alone has far-reaching consequences for political and social behaviour. Knowledge of an entity beyond our control is a precaution against totalitarianism and abuse of power.”

Good to know that almost a decade later, the German Finance Minister believes he needs to keep playing God for the people of Europe…

PS I was falsely thinking that delays were due to the difference between Schaeuble and the IMF as well as the Fund’s reluctance to decide on its participation on the Greek program before the spring meetings this weekend. How wrong can one be?

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  1. Schaeuble is not senile: he is a lying three-faced hypocrite who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him on the ass.

  2. The Germans have always adulated figures that are larger than life and have always stood ramrod at attention in front of them. I can think of one with a little mustache…