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EU Parliament’s EPP says Greece’s ‘problem is the communist Prime Minister’

Chairman of conservative European People Party fraction in the European Parliament and vice of German CSU, Manfred Weber, revealed what the biggest fraction in the EU Parliament thinks to be the problem of Greece.

“The fundamental problem of Greece is it has a communist as prime Minister,” Manfred Weber said, while in Washington, DC.

Weber’s statements quoted by Greek correspondent in the US capital.

Manfred Weber cited the view of the German finance ministry that the deal reached between Greece and creditors on Thursday morning, was only a partial agreement.

“we only have one small problem, they finalized last step for program on technical level, but it’s still open question,” he said.

Right after the deal was announced, the German finance ministry said the issue was not solved before the ruler of Eurozone, Germany, agrees with the International Monetary Fund on the primary surplus Greece has to reach in the following years.

PS Odd. Only Weber and the EPP think Alexis Tsipras is a communist. Not even Greece’s communist party would agree with them. However, now it makes sense: Schaeuble’s feud with SYRIZA government form the very beginning. CSU is Merkel’s CDU sister party from Bavaria.

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