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Mom with newborn and older baby live in absolute poverty, without income and electricity

The total humanitarian crisis, poverty and despair: young mom who just gave birth to a child a couple of days ago. A baby just eleven days old and an older child aged fourteen months. They live in absolute poverty in a home without electricity and hot water on the island of Lesvos. There is no father and social services have apparently not taken notice of this humanitarian case Europe should be ashamed of.

Local newspaper Empros appeals to anyone who wants to help this family.

They need baby milk, diapers, food, clothes, …a life.

They need “anything one can offer,” the 22-year-old mother told Empros reporter Anthi Pazianou.

The three live in a shack that belongs to the uncle of the woman who also lives there.

The home interior: two baby beds that have been borrowed. A box of milk powder, an electric stove that serves as storage space. Just a little soap. The skin cream for the baby is just a tiny advertising sample. A room full of humidity.

A woman who thinks twice before changing the diapers of the baby. A  recent donation brought just one package of diapers.

When the young woman turned to social services of the municipality to apply for the Food Program, she learned that she had missed the relevant deadlines and therefore she could not be eligible for the time being.

A couple of days ago, the young mom the newspaper gives the initial letter of her name as “M.” got lucky. She got the chance to do some cleaning job. Once off. But she was able to bring some money home. Her new born was not even a week old.

“The woman might not even know where to turn for help,” notes.

The newspaper makes an appeal not only to social services of the municipality or the state but also to anyone who wants to help this family in desperate need with some donations.

Groceries, baby milk and all possible baby care items, clothes and shoes for the mother, the 11-day-old girl and the 14-month-old baby boy. posts a mobile phone for everyone who wants to help: 6970-460284. telephone is +30 22510 41619. There is also email: [email protected] or contact form directly on the website of the newspaper.

However, even if the home gets full with donations, a permanent solution is needed.


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  1. I’m sorry, am I missing something here? If she has no husband or income why did she have children?