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‘Greece, Festival, Flavours’: Greek Food festival with more than 100 Greek producers May 5-7 2017

A Greek food festival in Athens: Delicious Greek flavors, a festive atmosphere. More than 100 selected Greek small producers with their best products. Famous chefs, workshops and cooking lessons. Taste and shopping.  Contests with gifts. Jazz and Swing. Activities for kids. May 5-7 2017 in the venue of Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens in Gazi.

“Greece, Festival, Flavours” is a multilevel event around Greek food.

Main objective of the Greek Food Festival is to showcase Greek food products (primary or processed) with the established quality as their common trait. To achieve this goal, it brings together the best small Greek producers in the atmospheric space of the Technopolis and gives visitors the opportunity to get to know them and to taste and buy their select products.

“Greece, Festival, Flavours” is a celebration during which the Greek taste reality meets the intellectual culture through a range of events (music, theatrical happenings, visual interventions, etc.). In the context of a discreet coexistence -with taste being in the spotlight- visitors participate in a grand celebration with quality features that derive from the contemporary creative developments of Greece.

Well-known names of the rising wave of Greek Producers will take part in the “Greece, Festival, Flavours 2017”. They have been selected for the quality of their products by the panel of tasting experts of “Athinorama” and “Athinorama Umami,” which is considered as the most experienced and renowned in Greece.

The participants are:

Companies that produce mostly standard products accessible to the consumer.

Companies that make products with a quality flavor profile that has been or will be assessed by the Athinorama and Athinorama Umami panel of taste critics.

Companies that make products that have excelled or won awards at similar international exhibitions or competitions.

Taste Events

Cooking, famous chefs, tastings, product presentations and many other events

One of the most important elements of the Festival is the program of parallel taste-related events, which showcase the quality products, the wealth of flavours, their peculiarities, history, and distinct identity. The warm response of the public and taste professionals to the relevant events that have been organized by Athinorama in the context of other festivals confirms the particular importance of joy and sharing knowledge and enjoyment and establishes these parallel happenings as a major cultural event.

This year also the taste events will take place at the outdoor area of the Technopolis -where an open kitchen will be set up- and will be accessible to all guests at no extra charge.

Cultural Events

Have fun with concerts, theater, dancing and many other cultural activities!

Taste is an integral part of the cultural environment in which a society evolves. So, it is evident that the presence of all forms of expression of our culture is imperative in a place like the Technopolis, especially during a festival that honors the culture of taste.

 Εκτός από τους αγαπημένους μικρούς παραγωγούς που δίνουν σταθερά το ανοιξιάτικο ραντεβού τους με το κοινό στο φεστιβάλ, είναι αρκετοί αυτοί που συμμετέχουν για πρώτη φορά με καινοτόμα προϊόντα

Theatrical happenings, music, dance, and arts will be present also in this year’s “Greece, Festival, Flavours.” A series of happenings will undoubtedly contribute to the enjoyment of visitors and will highlight the high-level creativity of our society in all areas.

The events program in Greek only: Greek food Cooking and tasting here, cultural events here, for kids here,  contests here.

Technopolis, Gazi.

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