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Emmanuel Macron says he will lead struggle for Greek debt restructuring

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron revealed how he will deal with Greek debt in case he wins the elections on Sunday. He said he is in favor of a concerted restructuring of the Greek debt by keeping Greece in the euro zone.. In his last elections campaign interview on Friday, Macron said he will lead the debt relief struggle and underlined that the issue has to do with the  “collective credibility” of the European Union.

Emmanuel Macron also tweeted:

“I am in favor of a coordinated restructuring of the Greek debt, keeping Greece in the Eurozone,” Emmanuel Macron

“I am a supporter of the principle of restructuring the Greek debt and the stay of Greece in the Eurozone because, because the system is now unsustainable, we need to put in place safety guards, to find a collective agreement, but we all know that we have to get there in every way,”  the former finance minister of socialist Francois Hollande told French MediaPart.

“The one choice is to do this, the other is to take a collective decision, to lead this struggle …”, Macron said adding “I will lead this fight, as I believe it is inevitable and will restore our collective credibility.”

Presidential candidate Macron stressed “there is no chance (for Greece) to rebuild a stable economy, to stabilize within the euro with the existing level of debt.”

According to latest polls, Macron leads with 62% ahead of marine LePen who receives 38%. Abstention is expected to hit record: one if four French voters is expected to remain away from the voting booth.

Did Greece find a new ally in 39-year-old Emmanuel Macron?

A ‘mean’ French posted the alleged reaction of German finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble to Macron’s Greek debt plans.

Meanwhile, on the even of French elections, there has been a massive hack on Emmanuel Macron’s campaign emails. The Electoral commission has ordered French media to not publish the content of the leaked emails.

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  1. Macron’s sympathetic view towards the suffering protectorate has been verified by Varoufakis as well in his latest book. That said, once elected he will probably bow to his master Wolfie and learn to obey. Anyway, if the Greeks are willing to be looted and sacrificed without any protest, why should anybody else care?

  2. He’s just doing his buddy Varoufakis a return favour. Nobody noticed that last week Varoufa painted this baby bankster white?

    Debt restructuring? pull the other one!