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Man claiming to be ‘blind’ arrested for raping and torturing young student

For someone who claimed he had 95% vision disability, the man walked rather quick and easy in the yard of the court in Athens. On Friday, Greek police had arrested the 52-year-old blind man for having repeatedly raped and tortured a young woman he held hostage for 24 hours in his basement apartment in Dafni suburb of Athens.

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Police had arrested the 52-year-old man for having repeatedly raped and tortured a young woman he held hostage for 24 hours in his basement apartment in Dafni suburb of Athens.

According to media reports, the woman, a 20-year-old university student, had gone to work at the home of the suspect as a part-time housekeeper. However, after working at the apartment on three different days, she went missing on Wednesday.

Her parents reported her disappearance to police. It looks as if the young women had wisely given the man’s address to her parents.

Police units moved to the basement apartment the man was renting. He told police that the woman had worked in his home but she was not there at the time being.

Apparently police had strong indications that the women was in his apartment and did not leave. media report that at some point, the policemen heard somebody calling for help,  a voice coming from the inside of the apartment. The flat was raided after the door was broken with a sledgehammer.

The man was found half-naked, the woman tied up on his bed, blindfolded and with a tape on her mouth.

When the ties were cut, the young women kissed the policeman’s hands, Greek media report. An ambulance brought the abused woman to a hospital where she remains hospitalized in a severe shock.

The one-room apartment was fitted with cameras. Police found also a computer and  a pair of special glasses with fitted micro-camera and integrated memory card, and other tools he used to abuse his victim. The battery of the woman’s mobile phone was removed so that tracking was impossible.

Police investigates among others whether the man had transmitted his heinous crime via the internet.

The man claimed he had a vision disability of 95%.

Neighbors said they never had seen him walking with the help of any device for blind people, he was seen walking up and down the stairs of the apartment without problem. “He never made the impression he was blind,” some neighbors told the media.

While police was bringing the man to prosecutor on Friday, he told reporters shouting questions something like “Have mercy, I have a disability.”

The case shocks the Greek society that is not used to such crimes of sexual defenders.

The man first claimed he was in relationship with the woman who liked to be tied up.

In her testimony to police, the victim reportedly said that she was anesthetized while she was washing the dishes. Probably the attacker used a cloth soaked in nail polish remover, the victim bears burns in her face, media reported.

It seems that the man was using the Facebook but also job vacancies websites to find his victims.

The victim had reportedly found the job, an announce on a website,for cleaning the house of a disable middle-aged man, four times a month for 25 euros per day.

A woman claimed on FB that there was a potential rapist in Dafni seeking for his victims through job vacancies websites and he was claiming he was blind. The woman had turned to police but  she was told police would not accept an anonymous complaint. The ‘man’ would have to be informed about her ID.

The woman dropped the case and posted it in on FB in December 2016.

According to latest information, there are three more women who have averted the man’s attacks in time and refrained form filing a complaint.

Police  investigates whether the man had attacked and abused also other women and digs deep in his past evaluating the material of the computer and memory cards as wells as his activities in social media.

So far, there has been no medical proof assigning that the man was indeed blind.

PS so sick as the cases of tv series criminal minds...

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