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Rhodes: Abandoned newborn found in a cardboard box in telephone booth

A newborn was found in a telephone both on the island of Rhodes on Sunday. The baby was wrapped in bed sheets and put in a cardboard box. The baby had still the umbilical cord on. A handwritten note inside the box was urging people to help the baby.

The newborn was found by a pair of tourists in the area of Peyki near Lindos. The tourists who were passing by the booth heard the crying. They were shocked to discover the abandoned newborn in the box. They immediately called the ambulance.

According to local newspaper Rodiaki, a local gynecologist who happened to be nearby offered first aid to the baby and cut the umbilical cord before the ambulance arrived. The baby was transferred to the hospital.

Police and the prosecutor’s office of Rhodes started to search for the mother. They suspect the baby was wrapped in bed sheets used in hotels.

It was not clear whether it was the mother who abandoned the baby and had written the note.

The note reportedly read: “Please take care of the baby and God bless you”.

State broadcaster ERT reported Monday noon that the baby is a boy, weighting 2750gr. Citing sources form the hospital, ERT said that the newborn was shortly treated with oxygen and that is in good health condition.

“There is still chance for the mother to claim the boy,”  the hospital manager said adding “otherwise the child would be given for adoption.”

Many local families have reportedly expressed interest to adopt the newborn baby.

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  1. Who would not want a beautiful baby like that.