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ND leader Mitsotakis promises jobs to …the children of pensioners

The leader of Greece’s main opposition party conservative New Democracy promised jobs to the unemployed children of … pensioners. Visiting a kafeneion, a traditional Greek coffee shop, in Kallithea suburb of south Athens, Kyriakos Mitsotakis said:

“I do not promise hiring in the public sector,” but stressed that his aim is that everyone is employed.

“I want your children to find jobs. I want you to have a decent pension and not to feed your children because they can’t find employment. This is not my vision for Greece,” he said adding that his party must explain to the citizens and mostly to the pensioners what will happen after the voting of the fourth memorandum.

Mitsotakis said that there is “another policy” adding that “sooner or later this government will leave and another one will come, I hope with a strong mandate, which will not deceive the citizens.”

“I will not stand before you and say that I will bring your pensions back to the level they uses to be because I can’t do it and I will not lie to you. I will only say that when the economy restarts for good and growth returns, our social security system will be in a better condition.”

PS I have no idea how the New Democracy will manage to bypass creditors’ recession measures. His original plan to proceed with mass lay-offs in the public sector will hardly manage to create primary surpluses of 3.5% for the next ten years.  However, it is true in the bailout agreements the procedure normally runs this way: creditors demand ‘money’, Greece proposes ways to get this money. When Greece delays the proposals, the ideas come per emails sent by the creditors.

Although Mitsotakis has been urging the government to step down, ever since he was elected ND leader in January 2016, his keeps his plan to save Greece and Greeks in a safe.

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