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Schaeuble: Germany cannot accept debt relief measures for Greece

Hardly has the Greek government passed through the Parliament the new package of tough austerity 4.9 billion euros with the hope to finally get a debt relief, and Germany set out again to kill the disturbing Greek fly.

There will be neither debt relief nor extension of debt repayment is the message Berlin sent to Athens outlining at the same time the agenda of the Eurogroup on upcoming Monday.

A spokesman from the Federal Finance Ministry of Wolfgang Schaeuble told Bild Zeitung

  • Germany will not accept any reduction in the Greek debt, nor an extension of repayment time nor a takeover of the IMF loans by the ESM.“There are no such or other plans to alleviate the Greek debt,” Schaeuble’s spokesman said.

Schaeuble has been insisting all the time that no matter what the Greeks do there cannot be debt relief discussion before the current Greek program conclude sin summer 2018. Extension of loan maturities? Debt restructuring? The ESM taking over Greece’s loans to the IMF? Schaeuble’s comment was always a clear and simple NEIN. 

On Friday, Schaeuble said the eurozone finance ministers will examine in detail what the Greek government has voted on, but adding “we can not prejudge the outcome of a comprehensive agreement.” 

The new austerity package of Thursday was the result of the so-called Staff Level Agreement between Greece and representatives of European creditors and the International Monetary Fund.

Greece will need the 7 billion euro bailout tranche by July to repay loans to creditors and keep a 10% for its own needs to pay suppliers, wages and pensions.

Right after the adoption of the new austerity package on Thursday night, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said that Greece has fulfill its commitments and now the ball was in creditors’ court. He urged them to proceed with decisions in the direction of the debt relief.

Earlier he had threatened that the government may pass the austerity measures but will not implement them if no debt relief measures.

PS Do you remember Citizen Kane’s last word Rosebud while on his dying bed? Schaeuble’s last word will be Nein. How predictable….

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