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Greece Weather forecast with rainstorms, hail and strong winds

Greece’s National Meteorology Service EMY issued a new weather warning on Wednesday. The warning is issued for Wednesday, Tuesday and Friday, May 24-26 2017. It forecast rainstorms, hail falls and strong winds up to 7 Beaufort locally. However, temperatures remain high according to seasonal levels.


A rainstorm hit the area of Orchomenos in Boiotia, south central Greece on Wednesday morning flooding and destroying some 3,000 acres of agricultural land. It is the second rainstorm that hits the area in the last three days.

Wed May 24

Rainstorms until the evening, mainly on the mainland, except in Thrace.

Thu May 25

Rainstorms as of noon in Epirus, Central and Western Macedonia, Thessaly and Sterea and the Ionian islands as of afternoon.

Fri May 25

Rainstorms initially in Macedonia and islands of the North Aegean Sea. Later in Epirus and the islands of Ionian Sea.

The temperature in northern Greece will range from 11 to 23 degrees Celsius,, in the central and south of 13 C to 26 C, in the Ionian islands from 14 C to 22 C, in the Aegean islands from 13 to 24, and in Crete from 15 to 24 degrees Celsius.

The winds in the central and northern Aegean Sea will blow from changing directions from 2 to 4 Beaufort and locally 5 B. In the southern Aegean they will blow from southwest 3-5B and locally up to 6 or 7 B.

Winds will blow 2-4 Beaufort and locally up to 5 B.

Attica and Athens

Clouds and sun will alternate, local rainfalls or storms are expected in the north of the prefecture.

Weak rainfall is expected Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday afternoon and evening.

Temperature is between 18 and 26 degrees Celsius in downtown Athens.

The weather during the last ten days has been rainy, cloudy with local hail storms. On some days, one walks in flip flops at the beach at noon and has to wear a jacket in the evening.

For the time being it looks that it will be rain also over the weekend May 27-28 2017. The weather seems to improve as of Monday.

EMY website

Indicative from Poseidon Meteo System

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