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Ex Greek PM Papademos injured when he opens letter bomb

An explosion occurred in the car of former prime minister Lucas Papadimos short after 6:30 pm on Thursday in Athens. Papadimos was in the car together with two bodyguards.

Two people were injured and taken to hospital.

Not known if Papadimos among the injured.

Reason for the explosion not known yet.

07:05 pm

Papadimos has been reportedly  injured in the chest, the abdomen and the legs. Also hospitalized. His condition and the condition of the two body guards is not considered serious.

07:08 pm

The explosion occurred while the was was on the move

Citing police sources Greek media report that

the explosion was caused by an envelope containing explosives

Not clear if the envelope was opened by the former prime minister but by one of the body guards

07:10 pm

the explosion occurred while the car was short before Marnis and 3. September streets in Patisia in downtown Athens.

07:15 pm

Greek police suspects the organization “Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire.” The organization had sent several envelopes with explosives to European leaders.

07:18 pm

Letter bomb was the cause of the explosion.

07:19 pm

ANT1 reports that the former prime minister opened the letter bomb

Video from Alpha TV

07:20 pm

Papadimos had left the Bank of Greece after a meeting

07:24 pm

Athens News Agency reports that the ex PM undergoes surgery in the abdomen

07:26 pm

Who Is

Lucas Papadimos, 69, is a Greek economist. He replaced Prime Minister George Papandreou and served as prime minister from November 2011 to May 2012.

Papandreou was replaced when the Troika did not approve his proposal for a referendum.

He was appointed as PM by PASOK, New Democracy and far-right wing LAOS

Papadimos has also served as  Vice President of the European Central Bank (2002-2010) and Governor of the Bank of Greece (1994- 2002).

07:30 pm

Greek media speak of “terror attack”

International media speak of “assassination attempt”

07:35 pm

Hospital Evangelismso dismissed ANA news that the former PM was undergoing surgery.

The hospital reiterated that his condition is ‘good’ and is still undergoing medical tests and scans

11m11 minutes ago

Explosive device detonates inside of vehicle of former Prime Minister L.Papadimos in central Athens

o7:45 pm

Sender of the letter bomb was allegedly the Academy of Athens.

Although the Greek Postal Service was supposed to have been on alert, authorities wonder how the explosives could pass the scanning machines.

07:55 pm

the explosive portion was so small that it could not be detected by scanning machines, says police – via ANT1 TV

07:58 pm

ANT1 reports: Papadimos is to be taken to surgery dept to have his injuries treated.

08:01 pm

Police warns that more letter bombs might have been sent

08:06 pm

A Parcel Bomb was sent to German finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble mid March 2017. Anarchist terror organization “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” had claimed responsibility for the package with explosives.

08:15 pm

According to latest information by STAR TV, doctors are concerned about an injury in one of Papadimos’ thighs.

08:50 pm

In one voice the Greek political world has condemned the attack.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is in Brussels attending the NATO Summit together with Defense Minister Panos Kammenos.

Live blogging concludes here. KTG will report on important developments if necessary. Thank you for following.

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  1. The man responsible for the most decisive blow against Greece – PSI.
    It is hard to feel sorry for such a dedicated, conscious Quisling employee of the 4th Reich. Pity about the others near him who did not deserve such a fate.
    Somewhere, somehow in this relic of a country there must be a message that high treason is not without mortal risk!

  2. First, what on earth is Papademos doing in Athens at the Bank of Greece? I think we should be told. As far as we know, he holds no public office here.

    Second, this ECB vice-president was externally and undemocratically imposed on Greece after they PM undemocratically deposed Papandreaou for daring to suggest consulting the greek people on their fate. ECB Banker Papademos then put in place the mechanics for the daylight robbery of the Greek state and people under the until then unheard of “PSI”. This confiscated 49% of Greece’s public funds in one day, for the sole profit of private northern European banks.

    This traitorous Greek Papademos was unconcerned about putting a bomb under the life of every Greek citizen, but played his illegal ECB bankster role by kickstarting the downward spiral toward non-sovereignty and poverty Greece is in today. He should thank his lucky stars his retribution is so minor – if indeed it IS retribution from a Greek entity and not something pretending to be Greek – as has been so common. Maybe he’ll take this as a sign to move h back to Frankfurt and Luxembourg where he belongs.