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Greek boy finds heart transplant after Melania Trump visits Vatican hospital

Three-year old Dimitris has been laying in the Children Hospital Bambino Gesu in Rome, Italy since last Christmas. A hear failure has forced the Greek boy to be waiting for a transplant.

Last Wednesday (May 24) the little boy received a VIP visit. US First Lady Melania Trump visited the Vatican-affiliated hospital after an audience of the Trump family with o Pope Francis.

The First Lady spent some time with Dimitris, held his tiny hand and also read to him from a children’s book. She prayed at the hospital chapel and laid flowers at the feet of Virgin Mary.

Born and raised in atheist Slovenia under communist regime, Melania Trump was reportedly neither baptized nor did she receive the Holy Communion. However, her spokespeople have been saying recently that the 47-year-old First Lady is a practicing Roman Catholic.

I don’t know if Dimitris understood what the First Lady was reading but for sure her visit blessed him with luck.

A life-saving heart-transplant was found, just hours after the visit and prayers of Melania Trump.

“Upon landing in Belgium I learned that a little boy and his family awaiting for a heart-transplant was informed by the hospital that they had found a donor, ” Melania said in a statement. ” I read a book and held hands with this special little one just a few hours ago, and now my heart is filled with joy.”

Melania shared the good news on Twitter.

Her followers cheered and spoke of a “miracle!”

However, many Americans used this good news to sharply criticize Trump’s cutting ObamaCare and left many low-incomers without health care.

3-year-old Dimitris was diagnosed with myocarditis, also known as inflammatory cardiomyopathy, The inflammation of Dimitris’s heart muscle was caused by a viral infection. He was transferred to Onasion heart hospital in Athens with “cardial shock.” Due to the severity of the problem, the doctors saw the solution only in heart transplant. As there are no facilities in Greece for transplants to children,the little boy and his family left Athens on a C-130 for Italy on Christmas Day 2016. Dimitris has been on the intensive care unit of Bambino Gesu (Baby Jesus) hospital ever since.

Greek media reproduced the story with titles such as “Melania, the guardian angel,” and “touching story.”

Giuliano Trompeta from Bambino Gesu hospital told Greek ANT1 TV on Saturday, that the health condition of Dimitris was good according to circumstances. “We have to wait for a week to see that the boy’s body does not reject the transplant,” he added.

PS maybe the First Lady could also post some updates about the progress of the …miracle?

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  1. Lose the cynicism KTG, it ain’t what you know it’s who you know. If this young dude gets a life he might never have had, who cares if Mrs Trump is an atheist?

  2. “Born and raised in communist and atheist Slovenia, Melania Trump was neither baptized nor did she receive the Holy Communion”

    Not true, Slovenia is predominately Catholic, and the First Lady was baptized as a child. No info on how often she takes Communion.