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Scotland Yard investigates possible contacts of Manchester terrorist Abedi in Greece

Scotland Yard agents investigate in refugee camps and migrants’ meeting points in Greece seeking potential collaborators of Salman Abedi, the 23-year-old terrorist who blew himself up killing twenty two people in Manchester Arena.

According to a report of daily newspaper Parapolitica, British agents have put under the ‘microscope’ people who seem to be in Greece and have strong ties to the Islamic State. Target of the investigation are possible contacts of Adedi and accomplices to fanatic islamists in Greece, the travel routes to and from Syria as well as contacts to other extremist groups in Europe.

In a travel advice issued on May 19 2017, the British Foreign Office does not rule “terrorist attacks” in Greece. However, the travel advice was issued due to strikes in Greece. It was updated on May 28.

It is not clear whether Scotland Yard agents have arrived in Greece or they have been conducting investigation through other means.

Picture of Salman Abedi captured by CCTV camera. He wore glasses, a baseball cap and jeans plus a Hollister puffa jacket — with his left hand holding the detonator for the bomb in his Karrimor rucksack.

Minutes later 22 people lay dead after a devastating blast, which followed Monday night’s gig by US singer Ariana Grande. Another 120 were injured.

Abedi, 22, was captured on video as he travelled in a lift to the arena from the city’s adjoining Victoria Station.


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  1. Even CNN wondered whether the Manchester bombing was a false flag. However instead of the usual fireproof passport, Abedi was identified by his miraculous plastic bank card which survived the blast despite the deaths of so many including Abedi..

    As for investigating terror connections here in Greece it is not the first time and usually in tourist season.

    Really these stories are wearing thin. Since the EU supposedly welcomes migrants they should be bussing or flying them from Turkey, bypassing the dead end of Greece (dead end because the Balkan route is shut). There is no reason anymore for the charade of little inflatables.

  2. Pretty simple really: The EU (i.e. Germany) supports migrants as long as they stay in the Greek prison they have laid out for them. This is why the inflatables game at the expense of quite a few dead children; too bad, they are collateral damage, they make good headlines and above all they are not German.