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SYRIZA MP: “We should look into rupture with the lenders”

If the partner has become a callous lender, who is also a liar and does not stick to the commitments and keeps changing the agreement framework on permanent basis, we should consider rupture with the lenders,” the spokesman of  the parliamentary group of SYRIZA, Nikos Xydakis, said on Tuesday.

Speaking to Real Fm, the former Alternate Culture Minister made the proposal saying “one should examine all possibilities.”

Xydakis said that the Greek government has done everything the lenders have asked for, “everything that was very painful and very unpleasant.”

The former minister added, however, that “now it is not the time to talk about a rupture … there is still much space for movement and it is too early.”

He stresses “We have to demand at least that the lenders respect the agreement. This is something not only the government but also the Greek people want.”

PS “rupture” as political firework…. 😛

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  1. Idle talk designed to give false hope.

  2. BS coming from a German employee. Probably his masters asked him to give such false hope to the morons who still believe in (and may vote for) the Quislings.