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Greek among the injured in the Borough Market pub terror attack (video)

Shocking footage from the first moments terrorists went into a pub in Borough Market and started stabbing on people on Saturday night.

Thirty seconds of horror.

In the footage, a man is heard yelling at people to move upstairs.

A man is heavily bleeding, a woman, probably a police officer, tries to compress.

Many of the pub goers have hidden under the pub tables .

Amid the horror, the shock and the panic, a male voice is heard shouting in Greek: “Police is here, somebody hit me and I’m bleeding. I’m with doctors, I’m OK.”

It sounds as if the man speaks to somebody on the phone.

The man speaking Greek is heard at the 26” of the 30-seconds video

So far, there have been no further details about the condition of the Greek victim. Nothing on his health condition or his identity. There is no official statement by the Greek Foreign Ministry.

Citing sources from the Greek Embassy, ANT1 reported that no Greek was registered among the victims or the injured. Suggestion is that he received first aid on the spot and hospitalization was not necessary.

On Monday, the identity of the Greek was made known by his family.

Seven people were killed and 48 injured when three men on a white van drove over pedestrians at the London Bridge and then moved to Borough Market and started to stab on people.

Eye witness Jag Sandue told The Sun, he was at the Black And Blue steak restaurant when he said he saw several men storm in, armed with knives.

He said: “There were people throwing chairs and glasses outside and I thought it might just be a fight.

“Then I realised it was more than that, people were running.

“Next thing we know, they’re in our restaurant. People were screaming ‘they’ve got knives’.”

He said people immediately rushed to try to compress the victim’s wound.

Wendy Clarke was at the Black and Blue steak restaurant, saying the crowds were evacuated: “As we were running out the restaurant, we saw blood.”

Borough Market is an area with a lot of pubs and restaurants visited by locals and tourists.

Four French citizens are among the injured, one is serious condition. Among the injure are reportedly also Australian and New Zealand citizens.

According to latest information, 36 of the 48 injured are still in hospitals of the British capital, 21 of them are said to be in critical condition.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed on Sunday afternoon (European time) that one Canadian was among the seven killed in London during a terror attack on Saturday.

An official from the High Commission of Canada in the United Kingdom could offer no further details, but said their emergency response team is working closely with British authorities. The Canadian government is advising citizens to be vigilant in the wake of the attack. The government and diplomats on the ground in London are advising travellers to avoid the affected areas, follow the instructions of local authorities and monitor local media.

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