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Greek government sees solution in EU Summit than in next Eurogroup

From Eurogroup to Eurogroup… key is a political solution at the next European Union Summit…. Greek government has given up hope for a solution to the Greek problem at the Eurogroup meeting on June 15. The EU Summit is scheduled for June 22-23 2017.

“A solution that leads the country to the quantitative easing programme is a solution that paves the way for Greece’s return to the markets” stated Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information Minister Nikos Pappas in interview with Documento newspaper.

Referring to the imminent Eurogroup meeting he noted that “if Schaeuble’s proposal opens the way for the country’s return to the markets, Greece will not say no”.

Pappas appeared optimistic for a solution and in parallel he noted that “we must speak of the difficulties openly and sincerely. I believe it difficult for a solution at the Eurogroup than the EU Summit. This reflects a structural problem that exists in Europe. A problem of transparency and accountability on the way the institutions work and of those who are holding key positions in this procedure.

He said that “in the last two years Greece has gained allies” adding that “In July 2015 we were desperately alone and now the developments vindicate us”. Referring to the draft law on the media, he said that it will be submitted to the relevant parliamentary committees in the following days and that it will be voted by the end of July.(via AthensNewsAgency)

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