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Powerful earthquake 6.3 R Greece: 11 injuries, one woman dead – LIVE

A powerful earthquake measuring 6.3 R stroke the sea area between the island of Lesvos and Chios in the eastern Aegean Sea.

The earthquake occurred at 3:28 pm on Monday.

According to first reports form the island of Lesvos, residents run outside homes, offices and shops in panic.

The powerful tremor was felt in a very large area, on the Greek islands, but also in across the west of Turkey and also in Bulgaria

Friends on the islands of Kos and Patmos said they strongly felt the earthquake.

4:00 pm

According to preliminary reports, there has been material damages on Lesvos. Most affected area seems to be the area of Plomari in the south of the island.

For the time being it seems there is only material damage both in old and new buildings.

4:05 pm

The earthquake occurred in 10 km dept.

4:06 pm

Authorities warn residents to stay away from homes and buildings that have been affected by the earthquake and have cracks.

4:10 pm

According to latest measurements the tremor was 6.4 R.

A 4.9 R tremor preceded the 6.4R. An aftershock of 4.5 R occurred a little later.

Seismologist refrain from commenting whether the 6.4 R was the main earthquake.

4:12 pm

A woman was reportedly slightly injured in the foot. The woman was in Petra.

4:15 pm

Eye-witnesses report of a powerful tremor that lasted 15 seconds.

4:20 pm

too early to have a picture of the whole damages.

Video from Turkish TV and resident

4:25 pm

Rocks have blocked the road to Vrisa village.

According to reports, there are damages in houses of the village.

Rescuers are on the way.

4:52 pm

Extensive damage in Vrisa village

Video from Vrisa village uploaded by Apostolos Paraskevopoulos

4:56 pm

Vrisa village: One man was rescued by neighbors. He was trapped in his home that collapsed.

Unconfirmed reports: one woman trapped in her home in the same village

5:08 pm

The village Vrisa seems to have suffered the biggest damage so far.

A resident told E TV that the village school has collapsed. But there were no children in the building at the time of the earthquake.

Later it runs out it was the old school of the village.

She claimed that half of the village houses have collapsed.

She said, the village has 750 residents.

5:10 pm reports that Six residents of Vrisa have been injured and have been transferred to a health center in the area. They have suffered fractures. their conditions is not serious.

5:30 pm
What is normal by a powerful earthquake:

1. lots of aftershocks in the area, minor earthquakes occur in other areas due to the movements of tectonic plates

2. human and material damage start to surface after the first hour the earliest.

The elementary school in Vrisa

5:32 pm

Number of injured increased to 10. None in serious condition.

5:33 Pm

One 57-year-old woman has been trapped in the debris after house collapsed.

Rescue units on the way.

5:45 pm

Vrisa via

Another village affected by the earthquake: Skala

5:50 pm

Greek Army to set up tents for residents to spend the night.

6:08 pm

Unconfirmed reports: a couple of elderly rescued from collapsed house in Vrisa.

6:10 pm

house in Vrisa

7:15 pm
Athens News Agency reports that that woman trapped in her collapsed house was rescued after an operation staged by the fire brigades and the rescuers of EMAK.

The woman was transferred to a hospital. She has broken a leg.

The number of injured has increased to 11.

Authorities said that they will have a more though picture about the damages towards the evening.

The village Vrisa has suffered the biggest damage. Local authorities speak of the ‘total destruction’ of the village. “Even the houses that still stand have serious and obvious problems,” they told Greek media.

The army still sets up tents for the now homeless residents in a football stadium.

The Municipality of Lesvos reportedly leases rooms in hotels and touristic facilities in nearby villages and settlements.

Residents of Vrisa village are expected to spend the night in tents. They hope, the state will find permanent for them as of tomorrow.

At least 800 people have to seek new homes.

Extensive are also material damages in Plomari.

9:15 pm

It seems there was some confusion about people trapped in collapsed houses in Vrisa.

One woman was rescued (see previous update)

One 45-year-old woman was found dead under debris

Tweet posted by Lesvos Mayor Spyros Galinos

Damages have been reported also form the nearby island of chios and the Turkish coast.

The Live blogging concludes here.

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  1. It was a scary experience! It didn’t felt as an earthquake when it begun, I thought it’s a hurricane (even if we don’t have hurricanes), I had time to move in the living room and try to see outside the window what is going on! It took about 10 seconds before the main quake, like a huge noise and trembling in the atmosphere. Then the glass/windows and stuff start making noise and boooom we start dancing back and forth (not up and down) and maybe that is why we didn’t have so many casualties. Only 1 victim and one considered as heavy injured (all the rest are back in their homes).

    I live in central town of Lesbos Mytilene.