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Dijsselbloem says Greece’s debt relief issue will be bumped in 2018

Eurogroup chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem told reporters on Thursday that the Greek debt issue will be bumped to 2018, while a long-overdue second review of the Greek bailout will be achieved at a same-day Eurogroup meeting.

The Eurogroup head and Dutch finance minister made the comments just before entering a session of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), which precedes the actual Eurogroup meeting.

Dijsselbloem said Eurozone finance ministers are not expected to detail and specify further Greek debt relief measures.

Conversely, he said creditors are in agreement that the leftist-rightist government has fulfilled the prior actions demanded by the former.

Dijsselbloem added “We are at the end of the program and we must support Greece.”

In the end of the program will do final calibrations of what is needed. Then there will be more clarity to Greece and the IMF on how we move forward, he added.

So what do we expect today in Luxembourg? Most probably the conclusion of the second review and the release of the bailout tranche.

“I expect will leave Luxembourg with a briefcase full of money” says Slovak fin min

Arriving at the meeting Wolfgang Scaeuble said there will be agreement on bailout tranche at today’s eurogorup, state ERT TV reported.

Schaeuble – Greece & Supporters: 1 -0

PS Given these prospects I could finally get out of the office and run to the closest beach.

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  1. Can we stop calling it Greece’s bailout. Most of the people in the world by now know that 90-95 percent of the money never gets to Greece. It is used to bailout the French and German banks. Enough of the Ponzi scheme already. The corporate media and their endless lying propaganda campaign to keep the big banks in business. The very same big banks that were bailed out for hundreds of billions by the taxpayers before are pointing their fingers st Greece. They are lying and more guilty.

  2. Ridiculous to call this a win. Tsakalotos “breifcase full of money” will immediately head north into predator banks and greek citizens are now saddled with paying THIS extra tranche too, on top of everything else. This means more Greeks will inevitably lose their cars, savings, houses and land to German & EU carpetbaggers due to inability to pay the ever higher “taxes” needed to pay the instalments on these “loans”. Coupled with job loss, 2 eur/hr wages and 14th pension cut. Oh what a triumph.