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Dutch far-right Wilders: Greeks spend their money on souvlaki and ouzo

This is one of the glorious moments of bottomless populism and the absolute absence of culture and knowledge of culture. I am writing this not because I feel offended reading that a far-right Dutch populist claims Greeks spend the money on souvlaki and ouzo. His compatriot, the so-called social-democrat Jeroen Dijjselbloem had said it much better and was really original, when he claimed that Greeks and other Europeans of the EU South spend the aid in wine and women. Wilders is just a miserable and clumsy copy cat. Pathetic.

In a question submitted on June 19 2017 to the Dutch Parliament about the 8.5 billion euro new loan approved at the Eurogroup last week, Wilders and two of his party comrades asked among others:

  1. “When are you going to tell Greeks, that they will no longer be rewarded for their fraud and deception?
  2. Greeks cheat. They spend money in souvlaki and ouzo and then they ask for loans and social benefits, when many Dutch people hardly manage to come through?
  3. Do you plan to make to Greece clear there can be no Dutch taxpayer’s money to this bottomless pit?”

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Poor Dutch politician chews on a pen, drinks a glass of plain water because he cannot afford  souvlaki and ouzo.

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A souvlaki costs just 2.10 euros and a glass of ouzo 2 – 2.5 euros too.

A clear No. I am not offended at all.

I am shocked about the fact that some Geert Wilders believes that Greeks live in their own country souvlaki-eating and ouzo-drinking tourists.

Not that I care much that a Dutch fascist has no idea about mousaka, pastitsio, choriatiki salata, aubergines imam, baked chicken, ladera like fasolakia and bamies, moschari psito lemonato, briam, fresh fried calamari and grilled octopus, just to mention a few of the  typical and delicious Greek dishes.

But it says a lot about his education and culture. No wonder he managed a political career based on cheap arguments, addressing the ordinary man of equal level of ignorance. Building careers on cheap political communication is typical for those who have nothing to say because their intellectual capacities are awfully limited for they work on discount mode.

By the way: Wilders addressed his question for Dijsselbloem, who is still acting finance minister as the elections winner has failed so far to build a coalition government.

Wilders’ question – source

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  1. Geert the souvlakis are cheap, that’s why we eat them – I don’t know about the ouzo.
    You made a w*nk statement again to the Dutch parliament.

  2. Has Wilders ever set foot in Greece to see what the reality is? As far as Dijsselbloem goes what can we expect from a greedy bankster? Maybe he doesn’t know that 92% of all the “help” given to Greece has just gone to the big banks. So much for the mentality of EU integration.

  3. Stupid Geert we do not want anybody’s money. It is your government and its master the German government who force new loans on Greece. The 7 bn. due now is from the ESM to the ECB, i.e. the Troika paying themselves. You will offer us a service if you can stop these ridiculous loan payments which only recycle money between the Troika coffers.

    We don’t want money. Instead, we are owed money (minimum 340 billion by Germany). Let Germans pay their debt to us first and then we pay everybody else.

    You cannot ask the victim of a robbery to pay more money to the thief! But I guess this is what a fascist would do, isn’t it????

  4. musturbation goes cloud

  5. It’s up to the Netherlands whether to give Greece money or not. If they don’t want to, then don’t do so! No need to give money then complain about it!

  6. Average annual hours actually worked per worker.

  7. Greeks spend money on souvlaki and ouzo .his countrymen spend money on. Pot and Heineken beer .i believe Greeks eat healthier and better value for their ,only.

  8. They give money to Greece ,with one hand and they take them back with the other . Most money. Given , after six months most of the cash goes back to Germany ,and the principal gets higher , its waist the money . Greece has to hit button .print new money for internal use ,and use the dollars for imports .many Greek Americans live in Greece . I send some dollars too and coins too.

  9. G Wilders is an idiot.
    Good thing he is being barred from entering our new government (yes, I’m from the Netherlands).
    Keep in mind that “our government” doesn’t even care about their own people.
    They spend more money on illegals (people coming to Europe for financial reasons) then on someone who has to live on a militairy disability pesnion (THANKS DUTCH GOVERNMENT FOR TAKING CARE OF YOUR HEROES).
    This say a lot about how “our government” looks at the situation in Greece. The government = not the people. And the Dutch people are not “the government” (same goes for Greeks)
    Mark Rutte once said “If you don’t like your country, please leave”
    Which probably is what I will do.
    I will “flip the finger” as well by moving to Rhodos and spending 100% of my military disability pension on the beautifull island (and support the people who live there).
    Nope, not stealing any jobs… only spending…

  10. “people coming to Europe for financial reasons”

    Nobody risks their lifes in crowded boats for monetary reasons. Anyway, don’t worry, because no one would go to Greece for monetary reasons and refugees in Greece are desperate to flee from your country.