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“Greece has Soul”: Breathtaking Aerial Dance by Katerina Soldatou (videos)

Amazing project, breathtaking performances. Extreme aerial dance artist Katerina Soldatou performs impressive acrobatic from bridges and cliff to raise awareness over environmental issues and respect for the history of each place.

In June, Soldatou performed form the Bridge of Chalkida. 35 meters above the sea.

The Extreme aerial dance performance is part of Soldatou’s project “Greece has soul”. A project aiming to raise awareness of environmental issues but also to highlight Greece’s cultural and historical heritage.

So far the project included a performance on the island of Santorini, the 250-meter high cliffs of Meteora,  the Canal of Corinth.

“Project Greece has Soul was inspired from my strong desire to remind myself and other people of the beauty that surrounds us, which we usually take for granted,” Katerina Soldatou writes on her website.

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