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EPP Weber: Germany will grant debt relief but not to this government

German conservative Manfred Weber cannot hide his dislike of the Greek government. It was just recently,when the CSU-politician from Bayern said that “Greece’s problem is the communist prime minister.”

On the occasion of the debate at the German Parliament for the bailout tranche disbursement, Manfred Weber said “Germany will give debt relief to Greece but not to this government. To another government.”

It is not a secret that German CDU/CSU would love to have conservative and neo-liberal New Democracy governing Greece. But this would take a while – although Weber doesn’t know that.

Weber’s statement triggered a storm in Greece’s government, his team felt the need to fix things right. They claimed Weber’s statement was “misinterpreted.”

Weber’s …sources claimed that what Weber meant was that the next government will benefit from the debt relief because it will be then when the [debt relief] measures will be implemented and not  because Germany will  decide politically to which government it will grant debt relief.

Manfred Weber is a member of the arch-conservative Christian Social Union in Bavaria. He is currently heading the European People’s Party Group.

Last week, Manfred Weber said during a visit to Athens in which he met with ND leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis “Tsipras is finished, Mitsotakis belongs to the future, we need a trustworthy government to do good work for the country.”

We? Who are We? Oh. Some little green men who love to yodel different tunes in remote villagers on the beautiful Bavarian Alps.

PS If you need one hundred words to fix a 10-word clear statement, then you need a crash curse on communications. Unless….

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  1. Tsipras should say: Greece will honor debts, but not to the present German banks.

  2. Well said Carl!
    But there is another way. Is this Weber too stupid to know that Tsipras and his government are the most right-wing neoliberal gang the country has ever had? Has Merkel not told him so? Well of course she has and of course he knows it. He just throws his BS around trying to find idiots to buy his lies.