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Turkish provocation! “Germany did not allow Greece to extradite Turkish soldiers”

Turkish provocation at its best! A television broadcaster in Turkey quoted a  Greek Muslim lawmaker from the government party. MP from Rhodopi in Thrace, Mustafa Moustafa was quoted to have said “Germany did not allow Greece to extradite the 8 Turkish soldiers to Turkey.”

According to Turkish Start TV, Mustafa Mustafa has said “The economic crisis has turned Greece into a state of Germany. Berlin hindered the extradition of the FETO members. We couldn’t stand Turkey’s pressure but had we sent them back this would disturb Germany.”

FETO is the organization of Islamic preacher Fetullah Gulen whom the Turkish regime accuses for being being the failed coup plot of July 2016.

SYRIZA MP Mustafa Mustafa issued a press release vehemently dismissing he had ever made such a statement and denounced the involved of his name calling the alleged quotation as libel.

Ankara has put incredible pressure on Greece to extradite the 8 Turkish soldiers who fled one day after the coup attempt on a stolen Black Hawk helicopter of the Turkish Air Force.

Greece’s Supreme Court rejected the extradition fearing that the 8 would not have a fair trial, given the purge currently taking place in Turkey.

Ankara cannot stomach the court decision and has claimed that the Greek government should intervene in justice to reverse the court ruling.

Relations between Turkey and German experience a new low after authorities did not allow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to hold political meetings with Turks in Germany off the G20 conference.

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  1. The provocation may be near the truth however. These lackeys in government will not even go to the bathroom without a written permission by the Kommandantur….

  2. Stanley maragos

    I hate to say but the only way to deal with Turkey 🦃 is the gun Burrell. They lie , one Turkish paper says 16 bullets hit the cargo ships another says 19 and another 26 . They also lie about the Turkish politician mustafa about Germany order Greece not to return the Turkish officer to Turkey to be killed by Edrogan .i