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Schaeuble blames the Greek government for pension cuts

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble insisted that it is successive Greek governments to blame for the pension cuts that have been enforced in Greece and not the international or the European creditors.

In an interview to newspaper TA NEA, has insisted in an interview that successive Greek governments were to blame for the pension cuts that have been enforced in Greece.

Schaeuble: “It’s not me who cuts pensions!”

The German minister stressed that the Greek governments are the ones that decided the mix of policies needed to achieve the country’s targets. He also said that the International Monetary Fund will never be involved again in a program to rescue a European country.

Referring to his Greek counterpart Euclid Tsakalotos, he said they communicate frequently, while he dismissed his flamboyant predecessor Yianis Varoufakis as someone he no longer can “take seriously.”

Furious at Schaeuble, the Greek Government urged the German finance minister to explain why the two first bailout programs failed.

“Important is not what Schaeuble says but what he doesn’t say,” government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on Sunday. “He should explain why Greece has not succeed” while Cyprus, Portugal and Spain managed to exit the programs.

“The two first bailout programs were falsely designed and that’s something the International Monetary Fund has admitted, it is the responsibility of those who designed and adopted the programs” Tzanakopoulos pointed out.

“Schaeuble needs to answer whether this is failure of the government and the citizens or failure of those who designed the programs of 2010 and 2012,” he added.

PS Let me understand….  – although difficult as temperature near 40C. In his long interview – which I cannot translate due to above mentioned weather conditions -, Schaeuble believes that once Greece proceeds with mass lay-offs in public administration and cuts spending – in health and welfare, for example?-  Greece can achieve the fiscal targets set by the creditors?

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  1. All of a sudden the Greeks realise who really owns them. Great idea to fiddle taxes for all these years, oops!

    Unfortunately, realising this – it is no longer a problem you can sort yourself – fantastic idea to join the Euro?

    The Greeks have absolutely no say over their own fate anymore, well done – you have all sold yourself down the river – no point in complaining, you did it all to yourselves.

  2. And may I add, especially in September 2015, when those who brutally betrayed peoples’ trust and lied their way to government were elected again. This time they did not have to lie, they effectively declared themselves as being faithful Schaeuble’s employees. Stockholm’s syndrome?

  3. Unfortunately Schäuble’s brain functiones about as well as his legs.