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Wildfire in Kryoneri, NE Attica, as Civil Protection warns of high risk MAPS

More than 60 firefighters, 25 fire trucks, four aircraft, two helicopters and volunteers have been battling against a big wildfire in Kryoneri, in the north of Athens. Strong winds blowing with intensity up to 7 Beaufort hinder the efforts to extinguish the fire.

The fire broke out around 10 o’ clock Thursday morning in the forest behind the football stadium and the cemetery of Kryoneri in the North-East of the Attica Prefecture.

Local authorities said there was currently no risk for the settlement as the winds have been blowing in the opposite direction.

However, the mayor of neighboring Dionysos, Dionysis Zamanis, cautioned that the wind may change direction.

Deputy governor of East Attica, Petros Filippou, said that the wildfire was “big and dangerous and it spreads quickly due to the strong winds.”

He urged citizens to avoid going in the area so that roads remain open for the fire brigades.

According to media reports, traffic in the area (Tatoi Avenue etc) is interrupted from time to time to facilitate the passage of fire trucks.

Κόσμος παρακολουθεί με αγωνία

Regional governor of North Attica, Giorgos Karamenos, tweeted at 11:45 a.m. that the wildfire was partly under control.

6 minutes ago

 Υπό μερικό έλεγχο η πυρκαγιά στο Κρυονέρι. Η συνδράμει με συντονισμό και υδροφόρες
However, the fire brigades are in charge for the green light that the wildfire has been extinguished. Revival is possible due to the strong winds.
The reasons for the fire are currently unknown.
Greece’s Civil Protection is warning of high risk for wild fires also on Thursday, July 6th 2017.
Map for Thursday, July 6 2017
  • Blue: Low Yellow: High Orange Very High Red: Extreme/Alert
  • The Levels refer to the speed  wildfires are spread and go out of control.
Areas with Level 4 (high risk)  July 6th 2017 are:
  • Attica
  • Sterea Ellaada (Boiotia, Euoboe, Skyros)
  • North Aegean Sea: Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Ikaria
  • South Aegean Sea: Dodecanese, Cyclades
  • Crete
  • Peloponnese: Corith, Argolida, Lakonia
The weather forecast warns of strong winds up to 8 Beaufort in Cyclades, east Crete and south Dodecanese on Thursday. East Crete also early morning hours of Friday and later during the day on the whole island.

Greece’s Civil Protection urges citizens to be cautious and avoid outdoors activities that can cause fires out of negligence. Such activities are: throwing of still burning cigarettes, set on fire debris like  dry grasses and tree branches, the use of machines and devices that produce sparks, the use of outdoor grills.

During this period the burning of grassland and weed fields is prohibited.

The Civil protection reminds that during the so-called fire-fighting period, the burning of grassland and fields is prohibited.

In case they see a wildfire, citizens should call the 3-digit phone number <199>.

More pictures from Kryoneri fire here

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