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Bakari Henderson: Eight charged with murder; a brawl for a “selfie”?

One Greek and seven Serbian nationals are been accused to have beaten to death 22-year-old American tourist, Bakari Henderson, in the early morning hours of Friday outside a bar in the tourist resort of Laganas, on the island of Zakynthos. All suspects were taken to prosecutor under security measures on Saturday evening. Authorities raised charges for joint homicide by intent.

Evaluating surveillance footage from bar, the reason for the brawl seem to be a selfie with one of the waitresses.

The coroner’s findings shock: “Henderson was beaten even after he was unconscious.”

The suspects

Six more suspects were arrested by Greek police on Saturday in connection to the killing of 22-year-old American tourist, Bakari Henderson, who was beaten to death in the early morning hours of Friday outside a bar in the tourist resort of Laganas, on the island of Zakynthos.

Policemen raided the hotel where the alleged suspects were staying and detained six Serbian nationals who were reportedly recognized through CCTV camera footage taken from shops next to the bar where the incident occurred. According to sources, the footage showed the suspects beating the American even after he appeared to be unconscious.

Already on Friday, police arrested a 34-year-old Greek and a 32-year-old British national of Serbian descent, who worked at the bar was barman and doorman.

All suspects denied charges and involvement in the death of Henderson. They at least deny “intention” in the killing.

Several suspects started to cry in front of the police, private ANT1 TV reported. The Greek barman allegedly said he rushed to help his colleague and he had no intention to kill the tourist.

Footage from security cameras from inside and outside the bar helped police identify them.

The 8 suspects on the way to prosecutor who raised charged for joint homicide by intent. They remain in custody, interrogation is expected to start on upcoming Tuesday.

More pictures by Zakynthos media Imeranzante.gr and Ermisnews.gr

Serbia’s foreign ministry said Saturday that the detained Serbs were to appear before a judge.

Greek police did not release a possible motive for the attack.

A ‘selfie’ triggered the brawl?

The victim was at the bar “bar code” with friends on Friday, when a brawl broke out between the Americans, two bar workers and a group of Serbian customers. The bar is frequently visited by Serbian nationals spending their vacation in Laganas.

Analysis of video footage from inside the bar seem to clarify the circumstances of the crime, local media report. Police tends to believe that it was a ‘selfie’ with a waitress that led to the brawl. I read somewhere that also the waitress was a Serbian national.

A summary by Zantepress24.gr:

“Henderson and his friends are having fun, at some point the victim goes to a waitress in order to take a ‘selfie’ with her. There seems to be some kind of pulling and pushing, a misunderstanding, the Serbian doorman intervenes. Henderson’s friends seem to be quarreling with some Serbian customers, things get out of control in seconds, the quarrel turns into brawl. The 22-year-old victim slaps the doorman, the 32-year-old Serb attacks him. The beating up of Henderson has begun, his friends are unable to protect him. The victim runs out to the street, his attackers catch him and beat him to death. They beat him even after he appeared to be unconscious.”

When Henderson was taken to hospital on Friday morning, doctors could only confirm his death.

Shocking autopsy findings

The autopsy of Bakari Henderson had been concluded at the Patras University Hospital. His body is expected to be transported to the USA for the funeral.

The coroner’s finding say that Henderson’s death was caused by repeated punches in the head. Some of them caused brain hemorrhage. In addition, injuries were found all over his body. The coroner found no marks of self-defense. According to private ALPHA TV, one of the injuries was caused by a broken beer bottle.

Video by Alpha TV – among others quotes by eyewitnesses in English

The Family

The family of Bakari Henderson of Austin, Texas, identified him as the victim. His family said Henderson was in Greece working on a photo shoot to launch a clothing line. Bakari graduated from the University of Arizona in May with a business degree.

“Bakari loved spending time with family and friends, traveling and meeting new people,” a family statement said, according to the Austin American-Statesman. “He was a big thinker and enjoyed coming up with new business ventures.”

Greek media reported it was the last day of Henderson’s vacation in Greece.

Zakynthos reputation ruined?

The killing in Laganas has gained enormous publicity not only in Greece and USA but also worldwide. A day before the incident, the mayor of Zakynthos and other official bodies had met in order to take measures to prevent alcohol-fueled brawls.

In a report, ANT1 TV said that brawls is a frequent phenomenon in Laganas which is mostly visited by young foreign tourists between 18 and 30 years old mainly because of its cheap prices for alcohol and for the opportunity to ‘go wild’ – something which is not possible in their countries. A shot is to have for half a euro and a cocktail drink for 3 euros.

Other islands that had their own “Laganas” managed to take measures and the situation in control. Faliraki on the island of Rhodes has became “clean”. In Mallia, Crete, touristic facilities improved their services and rose a bit their prices, Greek media reported.

Somebody opened a thread in tripadvisor.com forum asking whether Zalynthos was safe for vacations.

One of the local media wrote that several defamatory articles and reports were published about the island after the killing.

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  1. This is why I visit Greece in the winter. Free of all these hordes (Americans, Germans, Brits, hooligans, whatever) that just want to lie around in the sun during the day and get drunk at night. They may contribute to the tourist economy but none of them make an effort to learn Greek, learn about the culture or care about the situation in the country.

  2. Those Serbian COWARDS beat the guy to death, the coroner said they kept beating him after he passed out. It’s almost funny that the cowards started to cry when they faced the Judge. They were tough enough to beat a defenseless man to death, but they cried like babies when the Judge laid out the charges against them.

  3. Zakinthos is still a wonderful destination. I would generally avoid Laganas at night. During the day it seemed fine in the past when I went. But, the reality is that until the local authorities in Zakinthos decide to truly put ther foot down like Malia and Faliraki (from the article) have done, their will be more fights etc. Now, to be fair, this is such a rare occurrence in Greece that it becomes a top story world wide, while another unknown (large) amount of murders probably happen in my USA every day that is too boring to make the news. So, come to Greece, be cautious of rowdy bars and enjoy your holiday in a country safer than most anywhere in the world.

  4. A selfie? I guess they will never release the video to public. What the hell happened??!! These cowards are in deep sh!t. Life finished.

  5. He took selfie by ‘poling and pushing’ the waitress (apparently assaulted her), then he ‘slapped’ the doorman’s face. The guy was asking for trouble. Hard to feel sympathy for him.

  6. Serbs will destroy tourism for Greece as well, as they have destroyed it for other nations in the Balkans

  7. “The 22-year-old victim slaps the doorman, the 32-year-old Serb attacks him” Victim slaps the doorman? Is this aggressive person victim? It is said what happened, but the true is different.
    He was drunk, OK, he cut one girl from bar during his selfie with her , it was accident OK, but ” he slaps the doorman” and cut one guy out of bar?
    And “the 22-year-old victim slaps the doorman, the 32-year-old Serb attacks him” . That ” the 32-year-old Serb attacks him” was British citizen of Bosnian origin, and the most important, he was security guy in bar and came to help his colleague .
    The true is different for sure.
    PS Did you know what happened during non legal American air aggression against state of Serbia 1999 ? American soldiers / pilots are cowards because they started to cry when they faced the Serbian Army.

  8. Someone_out_there

    As a Greek I feel obliged to say that this type of incident does not characterise Greece in any way. There was a Serbian party going on at that place and all the perpetrators except the bar owner were Serbians.

    An advice to those who travel in Europe: I have lived in 5 countries in my life and met people from dozens of nationalities. If there is one thing I’ve learned, is that you NEVER mess with people from the Balkans. They are by far the most dangerous people in the world. (I know that Greece is also geographically a Balkan country but it’s culturally very distinct since we never went communist).

  9. It is sad that these 8 people need to go to jail over an American BLM punk. Sorry, hate me, don’t care, but most countries have a loooow opinion of american Blacks because they earned that opinion. Black-on-everyone crimes are huge in the US and its all over world media, but under-reported in the US. And when you dig deeper on this victim black dude you get the picture of an entitled smart ass. And he did hit the bouncer, throwing the first punch, according to media reports, so there’s that.

  10. You now can learn.Dont mess whit Serbs and their girls or sisters.We never forgive you 1999 think about this.

  11. Serbs say that the bouncer/doorman from Britain was not Serb but a Bosnian Muslim. This could be found true if his name is released.
    Also, witnesses claim Henderson died when he fell onto the curb after being hit by the bouncer.

    Also, why did Henderson and his friends go to the Serbian bar – bar which catered to Serbs. Some said it was even “Serb night” there.
    People say he was harassing the women, and he and his friends were harassing the Serbs and making negative statements about white people – he was referring to them as honkies or crackers.
    That he was asked several times by security to leave.
    That CCTV footage shows the bouncer going up to his table and yelling at him, but that Henderson punches him in the face.
    So Henderson started the punch-up.

  12. Sad State of the World

    It is unbelievable the level of lack of human compassion. Although it is not surprising because discrimination is rampant and the dislike of this young man for no reason other than the color of his skin is sickening. If in fact it is true he threw the first slap, did he deserve to be beaten by a “gang” of vicious thugs with brass knuckles? I am in no way advocating violence but why not a one on one rather than a ten to one? Fists rather than objects? More than likely alcohol was involved which aids in escalating incidents and the security guard and bouncer should have done their job to deescalate. If the individual was a different skin tone would the response of pointing blame be the same? The news media does a lot to project images of certain races which is not correct and accurate. If this was your loved one would you still feel he got what he deserved? He was beaten and stomped while he was unconscious. if the ones who beat him were right in their wrong doing why did they cry when now having to face the system for their actions. This is a senseless act of violence which was undeserved and unwarranted. Sad world we live in!

  13. Well, what to say ? Sad …Life at the beginning of their age…. for Henderson stops immediately ..for young Serbs mental destruction…that pictures will be always be in their minds…

    What kind of rage or anger can make this things happened ?

    Did you have American as a friend ? When you spoke with them , did you feel something strange ? Did you feel that they talk and speak about themselves that they are dominant nation in the world ? America as a center of the world and all other continents are just a satellites ?

    I am really sad that this was happened, and the best people that I meet in America was black guys, not white , not Mexicans not Chinese !

    Think about this ….

  14. It is not first time to do something like this in Zakinthos, Greece. In 2011 a 19-year-old British tourist was beaten to death by two Greek taxi drivers. This time first one Greek and one British with Bosnian muslim background and after Serbian guys. Fucking alcohol …

  15. Long sentences should be applied to any violent crime.

  16. Yuri
    Wow! your lost and have no clue as to what happened do you? I sure hope you never lose a love one like this.
    So it’s okay to kill someone for taking a selfie right?
    You can never justify 10 cowards jumping one boy and beating him to his death.

  17. Wait a minute! What this have to do with Nato bombing? 30 hooligans beat one person to death and you are trying to find the excuse for this?!Shame on you.Young guys from Serbia are clearly racist and the fight started because the victim took the selfie with the Serbian girl.Think about your words and thoughts and ask yourself would you think the same if this was your brother or friend?!

  18. Get your facts straight. The video recently released shows the bouncer hitting Mr. Henderson first. Mr. Henderson was not the aggressor. It’s unfortunate that people have to live among evil. Hatred for any color is pure ignorance and shows a lack of love for oneself. We do to others what we ourselves would not allow others to do to us. Sad…God will punish those who by means of self hate hurt others. I’m glad these evil doers are going to prison. What a man sows, that shall he reap also.