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Low ‘Medusa’ is sweeping across Greece with hundreds of lightnings and rainstorms

Greek meteorologists call the phenomenon “Medusa”. An extreme weather low with hundreds of lightning. A lightning storm? Possibly.

The phenomenon is bringing strong rain storms, hail, strong north winds, temperature decrease and -as said – a big number of lightning.

the phenomenon coming from the North is apparently more than just another summer storm and is expected to affect Greece on Sunday and Monday, July 16 and 17 2017.

Forecast and affected areas

Winds in the Aegean will be blowing with 6 Beaufort and locally with 7 or even 8 B.

Sunday, July 16:

Strong rainfalls in Western Sterea, Thessaly, the Sporades islands, Central Macedonia, Chalkidiki as of Sunday evening. Later also in Thessaloniki.

Sharp temperature fall by 10-12 degrees Celsius in North and Central Greece on Sunday evening.

Monday, July 17:

Stormy winds, strong rainfalls, lightning

Central Macedonia, Chalkidiki, Thessaly, North Aegean islands, the Spordades islands, Western Sterea, Peloponnese.

Storm is expected in Athens at noon.

Maximum temperature in general not higher than 28 degrees Celsius.

In mountainous areas, temperature is going to resemble temperatures in … October.

As usual, extreme weather phenomena do not follow the forecast rules by the book.

Sunday noon: Hail fell in Agrinio in Aitoloakarnania, in Western Greece.

Saturday evening: Rainfalls in Ptolemaida turned cross roads into lakes, uprooted trees, flooded basements and shops.

Stormy winds blowing through Patras, northern Peloponnese, took with them a window from the municipality swimming center. It was a miracle that nobody was hurt as a local swimming competition was taking place at that time.



Lightnings were the reason for two wild fires that broke out in Achaia, North-West Peloponnese, Sunday afternoon.

Local media report of landslides in south Achaia.

Hail in Metsovo, Epirus.

At least, one meteorologist has forecast snowfall on the Mount of Olymp.

Summer is expected to return to Greece as of Tuesday, July 18th, with gradual temperature rise.

I didn’t manage to find out why meteorologists call the phenomenon Medusa, after the Greek mythology monster generally described as a winged human female with living venomous snakes in place of hair. Gorgon Medusa was beheaded by the hero Perseus, who thereafter used her head, which retained its ability to turn onlookers to stone.

PS Will the massive electrical discharge turns us into stones? Or into dust?

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  1. We have some cloud in eastern Crete this morning (Monday) and 29C (instead of 32C at this time yesterday) so it’s noticeably cooler. I wonder whether the ‘Medusa’ will get this far south and east? We certainly could use a thunderstorm to clear the air….

    • keeptalkinggreece

      we have …end October here with just 23.5C – it was 30C at same time yesterday.

  2. Kalamata: after a heavy night, with lots of rain and much lightning and thunder between 24.00 and 03.00, it starten again here an hou ago….

  3. Does anyone knows what is going on on Tassos? I cannot connect with my relatives there.