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EU states try to attract rich Greeks willing to escape overtaxation at home

More and more European states are trying to attract rich Greeks and other European Union nationals suffering from overtaxation at home. According to a report:

Cyprus, Malta, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal and the Netherlands, as well as bigger countries such as France, Spain and Italy, are offering generous incentives to bring on to their registers people with high incomes that would benefit their economies in a number of ways.

The relocation “invitation” concerns Greek entrepreneurs as well, given the excessive taxation the government has imposed on them and the uncertainty regarding the future tax situation that high incomes will face.

The concept behind the tax policies adopted in other countries so as to attract wealthy citizens is focused on a steady annual lump sum tax and their exemption from any other burdens, except for those concerning their activities at their new tax home.

Italy’s case is interesting, as it is a country in the hard core of the EU that has created a favorable framework: It allows rich individuals with large international incomes to become “non-doms” (ie paying tax without being residents) by paying an annual levy of 100,000 euros plus 25,000 euros for each family member. They are relieved of any other tax on incomes abroad or imported into Italy and only pay regular tax on activities within the country. This boosts revenues, the property market and consumption. (kathimerini)

I do not know how this is practically possible because once you have any kind of assets in Greece, tax authorities will impose this “taxation of global income”. Maybe someone knows more about the issue.

PS I suppose it is the same Finance Ministers of the EU countries who now offer incentives to Greeks to escape overtaxation, while they sign new austerity measures for Greeks at the Eurogroup meetings. Some guys like Dijsselbloem and the other kids of the euro block.

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  1. Looting at its best. Ruin the banks, create bank runs, then invite the money to their own banks (it is this stolen liquidity that saved the German banks). Equally, force raises in taxes and attract wealth to their own countries. These Europeans, they are all so helpful and friendly….

  2. That’s right, just tax the poor and the workers. Economic Nazism EU style. Greece get out!