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Greece revises Kos Earthquake magnitude to 6.6R, more than 200 aftershocks

Greece’s Geo-dynamics Institute revised to 6.6 Richer the magnitude of the powerful earthquake that stroke Kos in the early morning hours of Friday.

In a statement issued by the Institute, director Aksi Tselentis said that based on data from the national Seismological Network and the Geodynamics Institute of the National Observatory in Athens, the revised magnitude is 6.6 on the Richer Scale.

Earlier, Greek seismologists had given the tremor with 6.4R. The European Seismological Institute had reported a magnitude of 6.7R.

The epicenter was in the sea area 20 km North-East off the island of Kos and 345 km away from Greek capital Athens, the statement said.

From the time when the earthquake occurred, at 1:31 a.m., until 11 a.m. Friday, a total of 200 aftershocks have occurred. Fifteen of them were higher than 4R, lower than 4.8R. More than 100 aftershocks were higher than 3R.

Seismologists consider the aftershock activity as ‘satisfying’. They expected the aftershock activity to continue in the following weeks.

Speaking to state broadcaster ERT TV, seismologists from the National Observatory said they expect a strong aftershock in the next days. A common phenomenon when earthquakes of such magnitude occur.

Seismologist Gerasimos Papadopoulos added that the strong aftershock of up to 6R could occur. He confirmed the tsunami that flooded coastal roads in Kos and Bodrum (Turkey).

The earthquake occurred five weeks month after a power tremor of 6.3R stroke off the island of Lesvos also in the eastern Aegean Sea on June 12 2017.

At 13:36 Friday, an earthquake of 4.3R occurred in the sea area 44 km south of Ierapetra on the island of Crete. stroke also in a depth of 10 km, like the one off Kos. The European Seismological Institute measured the magnitude as 4.5R.

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