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Authorities arrest parents of refugee boy,7, found dead in Skaramagas

Greek authorities arrested the parents of the 7-year-old missing refugee boy who was found dead in the sea area of Skaramagas on Friday night. The body of the boy was found near the dock of Skaramaga, close to the refugee camp where the family from Syria has been staying.

7-year-old Nuryian Mohammed had reportedly gone missing at 1:30 a.m. on Friday (July 21. 2017). The parents and other refugee were searching for the missing boy all night. The father reported it to police in the morning.

“The parents found the boy’s body in the sea,” private ANT1 TV reported on its Saturday noon news.

Authorities arrested the parents on Saturday morning “for having exposed the underage child into danger.” They were taken to prosecutor in Athens. As the body was found in the sea, the Coast Guard and the port authorities of Elefsina deal with the case.

According to media, the parents were not able to explain how the child ‘landed’ in the sea.  Both are in bad psychological condition.

First examination show that the boy was drowned.

Missing refugee boy, 7, found dead near camp in Skaramagas, west Athens

An autopsy is to be conducted on Monday.

An Amber alert was issued for the child.

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One comment

  1. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    Right, blame refugee families for being less than perfectly organised. The Greek state is really borderline fascist, even under Syriza. Unless there is reason to think that the parents arranged the murder of their child, this is just piling more agony on top of agony.
    It is nothing less than disgusting and inhuman. Refugees are stressed and in poor condition; they make mistakes. Greece needs to support them better, not make their lives a living Hell.