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Another sweat-fest in Greece with a mini heat wave July 23-25/2017

Air temperature is on the rise and a mini heat wave is right before our Greek doors. At the same time, strong North wind will be blowing with up to 8 Beaufort locally in the Aegean Sea, and rainstorms are expected in the Central and East Macedonia.

Sunday, July 23 2017: areas with high temperatures up to 36-38 degrees Celsius

Rainfalls and locally rainstorms are expected in the mountainous areas of  Central and East Macedonia

Heat wave Forecast :

Monday 24. July 2017

Temperatures will move between between 37-40 degrees Celsius in Thrace, Central Macedonia and Central and Western Crete, and above 40C in the Dodekanese*

Tuesday, 25. July 2017

Temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius in Thrace, central and east Macedonia, islands of the North Aegean Sea, Euoboea, Attica and south Sterea, South-East Peloponnese, Central and West Crete.

Temperature is expected to drop by 3-4 degrees as of Wednesday, July 26 2017.

Winds up to 8B in the Aegean Sea

Summer north wind “Meltemi” blowing from the North to North-East in the Aegean Sea will continue also this week.

Forecast July 23-27

3-5 Beaufort in North Aegean, locally 6B

4-6B in Central and South Aegean, locally 7B and up to 8 Beaufort in the Eastern Aegean.

Thanks to Meltemi temperatures on the islands of the Aegean, mostly the Cyclades are more pleasant than else where.

Meltemi is the Greek and Turkish name for the well known etesian (periodical) strong dry wind blowing from north to northwest across the Aegean Sea. The meltemi flows from a high pressure ridge over the Balkans towards a heat trough over the Anatolian Plateau.

On Saturday, July 22, the strongest Meltemi gust was recorded in Paximada on the island of Karystos with 107 km/hour, i.e. more than 10 Beaufort. The second strongest was recorded in Palaiochora Chania, Crete, with 92 km/hour.

The Ionian Sea remains mostly calm in summer with 3-4B.


Temperature forecast:

maximum 38 degrees Celsius on July 23 and July 24,

37 C on July 25

32C on July 26

*there is nor region called Decadence or Sundanese as the automatic auto-correct intervenes & corrects my posts lol

PS After the horrible heat wave beginning of the month, with temperature up to 45 degrees Celsius, two days in 37-40 degrees is just a walk in the weather playground.

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