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Kos Earthquake: Swedish and Norwegian victims still in critical condition

Two of the victims seriously injured during the earthquake on the island of Kos on Friday are still in critical condition.

The 21-year-old Swedish man injured with multiple trauma and brain bleeding remains intubated.

The 23-year-old Norwegian man who underwent amputation in both legs is in the Intensive Care Unit of the University Hospital in Herakleio on the island of Crete.

Together with two Greek nationals who were injured as well, the Scandinavian men were transferred to Crete just hours after the earthquake stroke with a magnitude of 6.6R at 1:31 a.m. on July 21st 2017.

According to a statement issued by the Herakleion Hospital, the health condition of the men form the two Scandinavian countries remain “critical”.

The 37-year-old Greek underwent surgery in his eye.

A 28-year-old Greek woman who suffered fractures in the leg remains hospitalized.

Greek television networks reported on Sunday noon that doctors will attempt to slowly recover the Swedish patient from the coma, while they extend efforts that the Greek victim will not lose his eye.

Three more people -one Norwegian woman, a Greek and one Albanian- who suffered fractures were flown to a hospital in Athens on Friday.

One Swedish, 27, and one Turkish national, 39, were killed when the roof and part of a wall of a bar collapsed during the earthquake.

The parents of the Turkish victim, Sinan Kurtoglu, went to Kos on Saturday. A day later, they left for home with the coffin of their child.

More than 120 people were injured on the island of Kos, the majority of them left the hospital after receiving first aid.

More than 350 people were injured in Turkey, the majority of them with fractures as they jumped from windows and balconies during the earthquake.

The epicenter of the earthquake was 33 km North-East from Kos and affected also Bodrum and other areas in the Turkish coast.

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