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Remos-Ramazzotti sing for wealthy Lebanese, local new rich and tax auditors

Antonis Remos – Eros Ramazzotti in Nammos: A concert that united Greek and Italian singers, Lebanese billionaires with Turkish and Arab multimillionaires and a Greek shipowner, jet-setters, celebrities  and wanna-be crowds, and had the Greek state earn 385,000 euros in one night. Through a clever trick: the finance authorities deployed five tax auditors from 10 o’ clock in the evening until 8 o’ clock in the morning. When the last customer left, organizers were happy for a turnover of 1.6 million euros, while tax auditors puffed up in pride.

A spectacular show of excess and expense at luxurious seaside bar-restaurant Nammos at famous Psarou Beach on the island of Mykonos.

Huge stage floating in the water, fireworks, special light effects and expensive decoration added more extravagance.

The front 10-seat  tables were to have for the price of 10,000 euros. The options were:

Tables behind were to have for a price of 3,000 to 5,000.

And this was the minimum required consumption, the entrance fee so to say.

Five tax auditors had taken position and the whole business run under their Argus eyes. Their target was to ensure that no glass of water or toothpick left the bar and the kitchen without the issue of a receipt.

The tax auditors were deployed two days ago dressed as ‘tourists’ and had reportedly conducted receipt audits already earlier on Thursday.

At the end of the event, when the last customers left Nammos in the morning light,  organizers were surprised and spoke of  ‘a record of receipts.’

The Finance Ministry and the Authority for Public revenues shook hands as the trick with the auditors had 384,000 euros in revenues from Value Added Tax alone pouring directly into the state cash registers. According to media,  the V.A.T was automatically deposited to a special state account set for this occasion.

After a similar event at the begin of the economic crisis, tax auditors discovered that the organizers had not issued any receipt whatsoever although among the 3,000 guests were the old and new Greek money, the  heavy weights with the thick wallets. The initial penalty was just 3,000 euro. When the case leaked to the media, the issued caused an outrage, tax authorities were obligated to take a closer look to the case and ultimately imposed a penalty of 4,000,0000 euros for tax evasion. The story made it even to German Der Spiegel. The owners did not get away with just the fine, authorities audited revenues and books for four years. They paid additional taxes totaling 700,000 euros. In 2016, at the annual Remos concert-event in Nammos, seven tax auditors were present to safeguard that 190,000 euros in from of V.A.T poured in the state pockets.

In this for some ‘unforgettable’ night in July 2017, the turnover of the exclusive night was 1.6 million euros, media report. More than 3,000 people attended the golden event according to some media it was just 1,500 people.

It has been a tradition that Greek singer Antonis Remos gives an annual concert at Nammos once a year, an event considered to be one of those events to attend before you die. A view shared among the nouveau rich of Greece and obviously among the same category of new money of  some Middle East countries.

This year, Italian singer and song-writer Eros Ramazzotti participated as guest.

Media criticize as “social provocation” the fact that people pay 10,000 euro to hear Remo-Who? and Rama-What?

Why should we care? As long as organizers are conform with the tax issues and singers’ salaries have been properly taxed, why should we care how multimillionaires and wanna-be millionaires spend their money?

That’s why we consider tourism as the heavy industry of Greece in the spirit of Opa! Opa! Opa!

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PS to tell you the truth I prefer the Italian R to the Greek R and Moet to Clicquo.

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  1. Bernardo de Brito e Cunha

    Don’t want to question your taste in music, but as far as champagne goes the Widow is much better than the Mo-what is his name…

  2. I went!

    Yes nammos issues a receipt even for water as they know the tax people are always watching.

    They make so much money anyway, so I don’t think they care about issuing receipts !

  3. If you didn’t have a table, the entrance fee was 100 euros and the owner himself was checking the receipts and cash register to make sure nothing went wrong!

  4. If the tax auditors did their job in the past we wouldn’t have gone bankrupt. Those are the corrupted ones.