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Trump fires Greek-American Chief of Staff Reince Priebus

US President Donal Trump announced on Twitter that he fired the White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. He replaced him with retired General John F. Kelly. Appointing Priebus to this powerful position had made Greeks and Greek-Americans proud as the 45-year-old has Greek roots from his mother side.

It has been long speculated that Priebus could be on his way out of the White House. In May, one longtime friend of Trump’s had even publicly called for the chief of staff to be fired. It had also been rumored that Priebus was feuding with other top officials in Trump administration.

Priebus’ dismissal comes exactly 24 hours after the publication of a New Yorker magazine bombshell in which new White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci called Reince Priebus “a f***ing paranoid schizophrenic” and accused him of leaking West Wing secrets to the press.

In his interview with the New Yorker, a hysterical Scaramucci used an impressive vulgar language that shocked.

He later claimed it was not an interview but just a chat with a reporter.

Former Wall Street financier Scaramucci accused Priebus of leaking to the press his financial disclosure and even called for FBI to investigate the leak and Priebus

Trump appeared to be the driving force behind a stunning public feud between Scaramucci and Priebus, wrote Associated Press.

On Thursday morning, as Republican senators began the most crucial day in their efforts to pass a health care bill [to replace ObamaCare], Scaramucci spent the morning on CNN accusing Priebus of orchestrating leaks.

“The fish stinks from the head down,” Scaramucci declared in an interview he said was authorized by the president.

Hours later, as Republican leaders tried to cobble together votes for a scaled back bill, the New Yorker published a vulgar screed from Scaramucci aimed at both Priebus and Steve Bannon, Trump’s senior adviser. There was no condemnation from the president.


One more speculation was claiming that once out of the White House, Reince Priebus could be named ambassador to Greece.

Greeks and Greek-Americans had cheered when Reince Priebus was appointed to the powerful position and be practically the right hand of President Trump.

Many hoped that Priebus would serve as a bridge and could persuade President Donald Trump to lend a helping hand to in-debted Greece.

After Flynn and Deare, Priebus is the third person in Trump administration to be fired within six months.

PS according to some US media, Scaramucci’s wife filed for a divorce. She got probably fed up with the F-word….!?

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