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Bakari Henderson family to file for mammoth compensation, says lawyer

The last act of the brutal murder of US student Bakari Henderson will take place in the court rooms. The victim’s family plans to file a law suit and have perpetrators pay a high price.

Lawyer Andreas Patsis told  media that he has been assigned by the Henderson family to investigate the issue legally and that he will travel to USA next month.

“Bakari’s family is still in emotional vertigo and that’ perfectly logical as their child came to Greece for vacations and never returned,” Patsis told Parapolitika.gr.

Saying that he has talked many times with Bakari’s mother on the phone, Patsis stressed that she wants the exemplary punishment of the culprits.

She asked me to do whatever possible in legal sense so that the culprits will bee exemplary punished,” he said adding that he will travel to US in August to meet the family in person.

According to the lawyer, the family of Bakari Henderson plans to file a lawsuit against everybody responsible for the death of the 22-year-old student and demand a mammoth compensation for mental anguish and emotional distress.

Bakari Henderson was killed with multiple kicks and punches outside a bar in famous resort Laganas on the island of Zakynthos following a brawl with a group of bar workers and customers over a selfie with a waitress.

Nine people have been arrested and were charged with intentional homicide. Among them are a Greek barman, a UK national of Serbian descent who worked as doorman and seven Serbians nationals bar customers.

Two of the Serbian nationals were released from custody on bail and returned to their country.

Two of the arrested Serbian nationals, both 18 years old, had told media that they had no intention to kill the victim, but “just to hinder that he escaped.”  They said that they were in Laganas on vacations. “For one-two kicks we now face charges on murder. We were at wrong place in wrong time. We had no intention to kill the young man,” they said and asked the victim’s family, the US people and the Greek state to forgive them.

According to indictment, Bakari was hit with 19 kicks on the head and the neck. He must have died after the second or third kick but the rampageous crowd continued beating on him.

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  1. Morgan W. Maxwell III

    Excellent article. I noticed that one of Bakari’s alleged killers, used that he had no “intent.” to murder. That is going to be the foundation of his defense. I would not be surprised if his lawyers put Bakari, the murder victim on trial. At least that is what many lawyers do in United States.

  2. Morgan W. Maxwell III

    As tragic as it is. Bakari’s murder at the hands of Serbian racists, will hopefully begin to expose the xenophobia, and extreme nationalism which has been recently “come out the closet” in both Europe and the United States. In my opinion, Bakari’s murder is also connected with the barbaric treatment of black footballers in both Serbia and Russia. In my opinion, there exists a connection between the two.